2018 Semester Sketchbook Assignments (Mrs. Plagge)

Some Advice:

  • These sketches are an interpretation of the prompt and media used in their completion is up to you.
  • Each sketch should be worked on for more than a half-hour.
  • They could be hand drawn, digitally created, or even done with collage.
  • You will be required to do 8 of the 16 sketchbook prompts listed below.  You may choose which prompts you would like to do.
  • The Due Dates for the assignments are listed below the prompts.

·        You may always work ahead and are encouraged to add additional writings, drawings and inspiration in the sketchbook or even do more than the 8 required for the semester.


1)    Draw something you have never drawn before.         

2)    Draws something that you couldn’t live without.        

3)    Draw the world from an ant’s point of view,                                 

4)    Draw an animal with a person’s face.                                

5)    Draw a picture of a person (it could be you or someone else) if they grew flowers instead of hair.

6)    Draw an animal taking a human for a walk.

7)    Draw an interesting object from three different angles.

8)    Draw an object you possess or have nearby, but make it look like its Draw melting.

9)    Draw a tree that grows something other than leaves.

10)  Draw something you think sounds or smells incredible.

11)  Draw something that needs fixing.

12)  Place a few objects on a white piece of paper, only draw the shadows.

13)  Draw your bedroom as if it was inside a container like a teapot, jar, cardboard box, etc.

14)  Draw a soft object with a steel surface with screws, rivets and bolts.

15)  Hold a tube of paper up to your eye and draw your point of view.

16)  Draw Quiet.              


DUE DATES:  1/19, 2/2, 2/16, 3/2, 3/16, 3/28, 4/13, 5/3