Week of March 26th-March 30th, 2018 (Mrs. Plagge)

With all the crazy schedules last week and this week, we will need to do some adjusting to our project schedule.  On Monday, we will continue the Drawing Exercises that we started last Monday.  Tuesday we will go over where these exercises will lead us.  And Wednesday we will start putting them into motion.


  1. MONDAY, MARCH 26th:  Poster Club will be meeting in the Art Room after school until approximately 4:00. 

  2. TUESDAY, MARCH 27th:  Art Open Studio from 5:00-8:00 pm in the Art Room.   

  3. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28th: Sketches for Bonanza projects need to be ready to look at during class.  Make sure you have a sketch, sizes, list of materials, and be able to explain if it does anything special or out of the ordinary.  

  4. THURSDAY, MARCH 29th-WEDNESDAY,APRIL 4th  -Hopefully-if you raise $70,000…- Wonderful opportunity to work on your Bonanza project and eat jelly beans.  Only 29 days until BONANZA DAY! 

  5. TUESDAY, APRIL 17th-Day of Service for Mr. Klusman.  10 days until Bonanza Day

  6. WEDNESDAY, April 25thPRE-BONANZA NIGHT- If it is easier to drop off your Bonanza the night before, the gym will be open from 6-8 pm. 

  7. THURSDAY, APRIL 26thBONANZA DAY—This is the day that all the Bonanza pieces are brought in, excluding pieces too big to fit inside…It’s like Christmas Day in the Art Room!!! (If you’re absent or do not have it on THIS day your exam grade will suffer IMMENSELY- 10 points for every day it is late!  **The only Bonanzas not coming in April 26th are pieces that won’t fit into the school.  These are displayed on the day of the Art Show –They are to be set up by 12:30, and taken home by 4:30 that day.  (Failure to do this impacts negatively on your exam grade)

  8. SUNDAY, APRIL 29th - THE ART SHOW- 1-4 pm- Bring your mom, your dad, your family, your girlfriend, your neighbors’ kids, your hedgehog- make it a celebration of great art!