Week of November 27th-December 1st, 2017

On Tuesday we will begin work with creating 10 different bases using ripped pieces of paper and chalk pastels and/or paint.  These pieces will either become their own individual piece or the base for a printmaking piece.  Students will be asked to create at least one individual piece and at least one printmaking piece.  Students will have all week to create the 10 pieces AND/OR work on their large scale painting.  I really would like the students to do quite a bit of experimentation with color and texture.  


  1. TUESDAY, NOV. 28th:  Poster Club and  you will need to show Mrs. Plagge a copy of another poem if you find it more interesting by this date.  **UNOFFICIAL OPEN STUDIO AFTER SCHOOL UNTIL 4:30 IN THE ART ROOM**
  2. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 29th:  DEADLINE to know which artist you would like to find inspiration from that would illustrate your poem best.  ** OPEN STUDIO FROM 6:30-8:30 pm IN THE ART ROOM**
  3. FRIDAY, DEC. 1st:  Sketchbook #3 DUE  
  4. NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, DEC. 1st:  To do initial research and to decide if that is the poem and the artist you want to use for your Semester Project.
  5. AFTER THANKSGIVING:  I will meet with all of you individually to look at your sketch for the composition and go over any questions about media, size, or artist. I will let you know in advance when your time will be.  You do not need to wait to talk to me.  I would be glad to meet with you whenever you are ready.
  6. MONDAY, DECEMBER 4th:  NO SCHOOL b/c of Teacher in service
  7. THURSDAY, DEC. 7th:  Large Scale Painting DUE
  8. FRIDAY, DEC. 15th:  Sketchbook # 4 (and final) DUE
  9. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21st:  Art and Poetry Semester Project DUE