Week of December 11th-15th, 2017

Large Scale paintings are DUE at the beginning of the class on Monday.  On Monday we will also be registering for the Scholastic Art Competition as well as introducing several printmaking techniques that can be used on one of their "Spontaneity" bases they created last week.  They will have all week and Monday and Tuesday of next week to continue working on the Structure and Spontaneity pieces or work on their Semester Project.  As long as both pieces are finished by their respective due dates they can work on both.   

On Friday we have a wonderful opportunity for students during 3rd period.  Savannah College of Art and Design will be coming to visit the Art Department during 3rd period.  All art students are welcome to attend as long as you pick up a permission form from Mrs. Plagge to be signed by your 3rd period teacher and parent by Thursday.  They will be discussing the many opportunities that exist for art related degrees in our society and will provide information about their school.  They do a great job presenting the options that are available to students.

The Structure and Spontaneity pieces (minimum of 2) will be DUE WEDNESDAY, DEC. 20th at the beginning of class.  


  1. MONDAY, DEC. 11th:  Large Scale Painting DUE.  **  ONLY 11 days until the Semester Still Life Project is DUE! 
  2. TUESDAY, DEC. 12th:  Art Open Studio from 2:30 until 5:00 pm.
  3. THURSDAY, DEC. 14th:  Elder Food and Toy Drive:  VOLUNTEER to help deliver boxes! **ALSO, the Scholastic Art Competition deadline 
  4. FRIDAY, DEC. 15th:  Sketchbook # 4 (and final) DUE
  5. FRIDAY, DEC. 15th:  Savannah College of Art and Design visits the Art Room  during 3rd period.  Any student who is not in 3rd period, but would like to attend the presentation must see Mrs. Plagge before Friday to get a permission slip that must be signed by your 3rd period teacher and a parent.  
  6. SATURDAY, DEC. 16th and SUNDAY, Dec. 17th:  Last weekend to work on Semester  Project.
  7. MONDAY. DEC. 18th:  Art Club Christmas Party. It will be from 6:00 pm-8:30 pm in the Art room.  Pizza, drinks, snacks and dessert will be provided thanks to the winning window painting team!  A Christmas themed movie will be shown.  Listen to announcements this week to find out what movie it will be. 
  8. WEDNESDAY, DEC. 20th:  Minimum of 2 pieces DUE:  Structure and Spontaneity.  ONE with added mark making material (ink, marker, pastels, etc.) and the SECOND with some type of printmaking technique.  Both on a base already created.
  9. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21st:  Art and Poetry Semester Project DUE
  10. FRIDAY, DEC. 22nd:  Last day of the Semester!  If you have any missing assignments or ones that you have reworked they are due by the end of your period today.  Have a great break!