Week of December 4th-8th, 2017

Students finished up their 10 bases using chalk pastels, paint and collage on Friday.  On Tuesday I will introduce the next project which will focus on Structure and Spontaneity.  We will discuss what that means and how we can incorporate those concepts into some of the bases created.  Students will be required to create, at minimum, two finished pieces from their bases.  One of those will be integrated with a print.

This week students will be allowed to work on their Large Scale painting and/or their Structure and Spontaneity pieces.  I would highly encourage the students to use the open studios this week to work on their paintings.


  1. MONDAY, DEC. 4th:  NO SCHOOL b/c of teacher in service
  2. TUESDAY, DEC. 5th:  Open Studio from 2:30 until 4:00 in the Art Room
  3. WEDNESDAY, DEC. 6th:  Open Studio from 6:00-8:30 in the Art Room.  Also early dismissal for Freshmen to meet with their advisors at 1:50.
  4. MONDAY, DEC. 11th:  Large Scale Painting DUE.  Poster Club in the Art room from 2:30 until 4:00 (or however long you can stay)  
  5. THURSDAY, DEC. 14th:  Elder Food and Toy Drive:  VOLUNTEER to help deliver boxes!
  6. FRIDAY, DEC. 15th:  Sketchbook # 4 (and final) DUE
  7. FRIDAY, DEC. 15th:  Savannah College of Art and Design visits the Art Room  during 3rd period.  Any student who is not in 3rd period, but would like to attend the presentation must see Mrs. Plagge before Friday to get a permission slip that must be signed by your 3rd period teacher and a parent.  **ALSO, the Scholastic Art Competition deadline
  8. MONDAY. DEC. 18th:  Art Club Christmas Party.  It will be held in the evening.  More information to follow.
  9. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21st:  Art and Poetry Semester Project DUE