Week of September 18th-22nd, 2017

After 2 days of critiques on the "Beginning" projects, we are finally ready to move on with the Self Portrait project.  I will hopefully be uploading the images from the project onto the website soon.  I have a small issue with my photo program on my computer that I have to get fixed.  I apologize for the delay.  The students did a really amazing job on the "Beginning" project.  Grades should be updated by midweek.

I will be introducing the history of Self Portraits and what I will be asking the students to do with this coming project on Monday.  Students will then continue working on exercises to practice drawing eyes, noses, mouths and ears in their sketchbooks.  Those drawings will be DUE at the end of the class period on WED., SEPT. 20th.  Students will then be asked to  photograph themselves in an expressive way to use for their self portrait.  By Thursday they should start work on the real self portrait piece. 


1)  MONDAY, SEPT. 18th:  Poster Club will be meeting in the Art Room after school until around 4:00.  Come Join Us!

2)  WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 20th:  Schedule #2 (Sophomores meet with advisors at 1:49) and four eyes, ears, noses and mouths drawn in your sketchbook DUE at the end of the class period.

4)  FRIDAY, SEPT. 22nd:  Sketchbook Assignment #3 DUE