Week of October 9th-13th, 2017

Students will be working on the beginning parts of the Handscape project this week.  Last Friday I introduced using different drawing pencils and what each of their purposes would be in a drawing.  Students are working on a Line worksheet to practice what the pencils can do.  They will also be researching 4 different Surrealist artists to gain some insight and background for their upcoming project. 

During the week I will be meeting with each of the students to discuss their mask sketch (which is DUE on MONDAY, OCT. 9th).  We will go over the process and feasibility of the making of their mask as well as their idea.  The Halloween Mask Project will be DUE on MONDAY, OCT. 30th.  This project is worth 200 points and is done outside of class.  There will be no sketchbook assignments during this time.  There are, at minimum, three separate opportunities to work at an Open Studio in the Art room over the next three weeks.  Please see the list of dates and times listed below under "DATES and DEADLINES". 

This is the last week of the first quarter, which is incredibly difficult to believe.  If there are any sketchbook assignments or projects that students have not turned in yet or would like to rework for this quarter they need to be turned in to me by class time on FRIDAY, OCT. 13th.   

I have also offered an extra credit assignment to the students.  If anyone would like to participate in the BLINK Parade on THURSDAY, OCT. 12th by carrying one of the lanterns that we have painted they will receive a FULL point onto their Quarter average for the 1st quarter.  If they are interested they need to sign up in the Art Room or see me by homeroom on Thursday.  Parents are welcome to walk with us as well.  We need to be in our staging area by 6:00 pm for the start of the parade at 7:00pm.  I plan to meet at Elder at 5:15 to head downtown.  For more information go to http://www.blinkcincinnati.com/


  1. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10th:  Open Studio from 2:30 until 7:00 pm in the Art Room. 

  2. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12th:  BLINK Parade We have all the lanterns painted.  We are looking for students who would be able to represent Elder in the parade on THURSDAY, Oct. 12th by carrying a lantern.  If you have family or friends that would like to walk with us, they are very welcome.  We will most likely have a few extra lanterns available for them to carry.  If you would like to participate on Thursday, we need you to either email me back by Wednesday evening or sign up on the sheet hanging on the white board before homeroom on Thursday. 

    If we have enough interest we can carpool downtown from Elder.  We need to be at our spot for the parade by 6:00pm.  We should be back no later than 8:30pm.

  3. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12th:  Sketchbook Assignment #3 is DUE (last sketchbook assignment of the quarter)

  4. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13th:  Last Day of the 1st Quarter.  Any work that you are missing or would like to rework is DUE TODAY!

  5. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19th: Open Studio from 5:00-8:00pm in the Art Room. 

  6. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24th:  Mercy/Elder Art Club Halloween Party at Mercy from 6-8:30pm.  More specific information will be on the art website (elderartdept.com) under News and Events by next week.

  7. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25th:   Tentative Open Studio with times to be announced next week.

Week of October 2nd-6th, 2017

The students did a fantastic job utilizing lines to create patterns that were both two dimensional and three dimensional on their compositions.  There challenge was to try and work with variation of line weight as well as proximity of lines to help show values within each area.  The results are truly unique and very exciting.  On Monday, students will be evaluating their own piece and then a classmate's piece.  I hope to have images of some of the work up by the end of the week on the website.

Starting on Tuesday, I will be introducing the Halloween Mask Project.  This is a project that is done primarily outside of class.  It will be DUE MONDAY, OCTOBER 30th.  It will take at least 3 class days to go over the requirements of the project and to show students possible ideas for materials and subject matter.  Students will be required to show me a mask sketch starting next Monday, Oct. 9th.  The sketch will need to have a drawing of the mask, approximate sizes, materials that will be used and a list of any special thingsthat the mask may do.  I will have several Open Studios between this week and the 30th so that students can utilize the Art room and materials.  Those dates will come out later this week.

The last sketchbook assignment of the 1st quarter will be DUE THURSDAY, OCT. 12th. 


1) MONDAY, OCT. 2nd:  Sharpie Pattern Compositions DUE at the beginning of classAND Poster Club will be meeting after school in the Art room until approximately 4:00.

2)  WEDNESDAY, OCT. 4th:  Class Masses/ Schedule #3

3)  MONDAY, OCT. 9th:  I will begin looking at Mask Sketches.  Please double check requirements listed above and in your sketchbook.

4)  WEDNESDAY, OCT. 11th:  Freshmen Retreat.  No regular classes today.

5)  THURSDAY, OCT. 12th:  Sketchbook #3 is DUE at the beginning of class AND the BLINK Parade will be held downtown.  Any student who would like to participate by making and/ or carrying an eyeball lantern please see Mrs. Plagge.  

6)  TUESDAY, OCT. 24th:  Mercy/ Elder Art Club Halloween Party.  See News and Events for more information

7)  MONDAY, OCT. 30th:  Mask Projects are DUE at the beginning of class

Week of September 25th- 29th, 2017

This week we will be focusing on using lines to create patterns and textures that can transform shapes into forms.  Students will be choosing which patterns to insert into their already designed compositions.  We will discuss Shape, Form and Texture on Monday.  The finished drawing will be DUE at the end of the period on FRIDAY, SEPT. 29th.  If more time is needed to finish the piece it may be taken home and ready for class on MONDAY, OCT. 2nd.


1)  TUESDAY, SEPT. 26th:  Sketchbook Assignment #2 is DUE.  ALSO, Art Club/Open Studio is from 2:30-8:00pm in the Art Room.  The room will be available to make your own art or participate in the Lantern Project for the BLINK parade that was discussed at the first Art Club meeting.  

If you want to be  a part of the Lantern project, but are unable to make it on Tuesday please see Mrs. Plagge or Mr. Buetsche in the Art Room by the 26th.

2)  FRIDAY, SEPT. 29th:  Pattern Piece DUE at the end of the period.  If you need more time, it needs to be finished by the beginning of class on MON., OCT. 2nd.

3)  MONDAY, OCT. 2nd:  Poster Club meeting in the Art room from 2:30 until 4 or 4:30

4)  THURSDAY, OCT. 12th:  BLINK Cincinnati parade

Week of September 18th-22nd, 2017

We will continue working on strong controlled contour lines on Monday with our Line Handout exercise.  All students should be finished with it by Tuesday at the beginning of class.  After this warm up exercise, we will continue with contour lines by introducing change in line weight.  Students will pick a design pattern from a collection that we have and then use weighted contour lines to recreate that pattern.  This drawing will be DUE at the beginning of class on FRIDAY, SEPT. 22nd.  I will then start introducing how line and pattern can create form.  

Students will receive grades on their Altered Book projects this week.  I am sorry for the delay.  I have also taken images of all the book projects, but have been unable to upload them to the website because of a problem with my photo program on my computer.  Hopefully, it will get fixed soon and I will upload those images.  The students did a fantastic job with them!  I also have news on a display of some of the book projects.  The Westwood Library would like us to display some of the books during the month of November.  As soon as I know more information I will certainly pass it on.

Another note about the sketchbook assignments that were due last week.  I told the students that overall these sketchbooks were the best first assignments that I have seen in quite a number of years.  I was really impressed with the effort and creativity that was shown.  I can't wait to see what more they are going to do!


1)  MONDAY, SEPT. 18th:  Poster Club will be meeting in the Art Room after school until around 4:00.  Come Join Us!

2)  TUESDAY, SEPT. 19th:  Line Handout DUE at the beginning of class

3)  WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 20th:  Schedule #2 (Sophomores meet with advisors at 1:49)

4)  FRIDAY, SEPT. 22nd:  Weighted Contour Line Design DUE at the beginning of class on FRIDAY.

5)  TUESDAY, SEPT. 26th:  Sketchbook Assignment #2 DUE


Week of September 11th-15th, 2017

On Thursday last week, students finished up the Altered Book Project by doing a partner exercise where they talked about the strengths and weaknesses of their projects.  This was a gentle lead in for what we will be doing with critiques in class.  From the information that they gathered from their discussion with their partner they were able to answer a self evaluation paper on Friday.  I will be photographing the Altered Book projects this week as well as grading them.  Hopefully, I will have the pictures up on the website by next week.  I did mention to the students that it may take me a little longer than it would normally to get all the grades back because I am finishing up my artwork for a class that I took this summer.  My deadline is next next Tuesday.  Then I just get to be a teacher again.  So, I apologize for the longer than normal wait for the grades.

This week we will begin discussion and exercises on what makes a good composition.  This should help with their first sketchbook assignment that is due on THURSDAY, SEPT. 14th.  

After we discuss composition, we will move into contour lines and how to use lines to their advantage.  All of these exercises will set the stage for our first drawing project that will be introduced either the end of this week or the beginning of next week.


1)  TUESDAY, SEPT. 12th:  First Art Club Meeting of the year.  It will be held in the Art Room after school.  It should last about 45 minutes.  There will be a discussion on creating a quarter zip this year for the Art Club.  Snacks and drinks will be provided.  All are welcome!

2)  THURSDAY, SEPT. 14th:  First Sketchbook Assignment of the first quarter is DUE.

3)  MONDAY, SEPT. 18th:  Poster Club will be meeting in the Art Room after school.  Artists are needed!  It usually lasts until 4.  

First Quarter Sketchbook Assignments

Fundamentals of Art Sketchbook Assignments for the 1st Quarter

If you finish what we are currently working on in class, you are to pick one or more of the drawing assignments below and work on them (ideally) in your sketchbook. 

Everyone will have to pick 3 to turn in by the end of the 1st quarter.  You will receive deadlines.  Any additional assignments finished will be considered extra credit. 

*Remember to create a good finished composition*


1)  Draw your favorite food

2)  Draw something that you don’t like.

3)  Draw your art supplies.

4)  Draw a pair of shoes.

5)  Draw yourself as a cartoon character. (I don’t want a picture of Sponge Bob, but YOU with characteristics of a cartoon character)

6)  Find a common small object and enlarge it to fill your paper.

Week of September 4th-8th, 2017

We will be wrapping up the Altered Book project this week.  Students will have Tuesday and Wednesday in class to finish it up.  The finished Altered Book project will be due at the beginning of the class on Thursday the 7th.  We will have a class critique and self evaluation on Thursday and Friday in class.

A reminder that the art box with supplies is due in the Art room by class time on Friday, Sept. 8th.  If anyone has had any trouble getting supplies they need to see me before THURSDAY.  

Next week we will be starting with composition and drawing.  


1)  TUESDAY, SEPT. 5th:  Poster Club meeting in the Art room.  It is after school until approximately 4:30.  Students do not need to stay the whole time.  ***It is also an out of uniform day to benefit Hurricane Harvey victims-minimum donation of $3.

2)  WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 6th:  Meet the Teacher Night - 7:00-9:00 pm

3)  THURSDAY, SEPT. 7th:  Altered Book Project DUE at the beginning of class

4)  TUESDAY, SEPT. 12th:  First Art Club Meeting of the year!!  It will be after school in the Art room until about 3:30.  Come and help out with organizing the activities that you want the Art Club to do this year.

5)  THURSDAY, SEPT. 14th:  First Sketchbook assignment of the quarter is DUE

Week of August 28th-September 1st, 2017

Well, you made it through the first two weeks of school!  And we have begun our first big project-the Altered Book Project.  Most students have come up with a plan and have started work on altering their book.  There's a lot going on in the Art room.  It's really very exciting!  

We will take a short break from the Book project on Monday to discuss the creativity exercises that students completed over the last two weeks.  We will see how they relate to the Altered Book project that they are currently working on.

Tuesday through Friday will be work days for the Book project.  The tentative deadline for the project will be next Wednesday, Sept. 6th.  As the week progresses I will set that deadline definitively.

I will also go over the Sketchbook assignments for the quarter towards the end of the week.


1) WEDNESDAY, AUG. 30th:  Schedule #2- Advisee meeting at the end of the day

2)  FRIDAY, SEPT. 1st:  First Pep Rally of the school year

3) TUESDAY, SEPT. 5th:  Poster Club meeting in the Art room after school until 3:30 or 4

4)  WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 6th:  Tentative Deadline for the Altered Book Project

5)  FRIDAY, SEPT. 8th:  All art supplies in a  box are DUE in the Art room

6)  TUESDAY, SEPT. 12th:  First Art Club meeting of the year after school in the Art room

Week of August 21st-25th, 2017

I think we have had a great start to the year.  With the first week of school under our belts, we are ready to get started with our first big project.  We did a few creativity exercises last week and will finish up with one we started on Friday tomorrow.  On Tuesday I will introduce our Altered Book project and students will choose their book.  This is one of my favorite (as well as past students' favorite) projects.  There really is no limit to what can be done with your book.  The project will take approximately one week to complete.  I will get back with a more concrete due date once I see what the students come up with.  

In the next week or two, we will be having the first Art Club meeting of the year.  We encourage anyone who likes to make art or just enjoys art to come.  The first Poster Club meeting of the year will take place tomorrow, Monday, August 21st directly after school until approximately 3:30 or 4 in the Art Room.  We always need artists!  


1)  MONDAY, AUG.21st:  Signed Student Contract and Student Questionnaires are DUE!  Also, the first Poster Club meeting of the year in the Art room directly after school until approximately 3:30 or 4.

2)  TUESDAY, AUG. 22nd:  Introduction of the Altered Book Project.  DUE DATE TBD (sometime next week)

3)  THURSDAY, AUG. 24th:  Underclassman Picture Day.  Remember to wear a dress shirt and tie.

Fundamentals of Art Supply List (2017-2018)

1)    Art Box (with a lock) (This can be a fishing tackle box or even a file box that can be locked)        (I do NOT recommend a key lock, because keys get lost very easily)

2)  Portfolio –You can buy one OR you have the option of making one yourself (I will allow students time during the first week of school to make them.  We will have the supplies in the Art Room) by taping/attaching 2 pieces of cardboard or poster board together to make one -*** It should be able to fit a piece of paper that is 18” x 24” without folding it.

3)  Sketchbook (preferably one with a spiral binding)-Any size between 8 ½” x 11” and 11” x 14”

4)  Drawing pencils (At least 3 different kinds: Some examples are: 2B, 4B, 6B, HB, 4H, 6H, EE) They are often sold in sets.  The Art Dept. will provide Ebony pencils which we will use primarily in the beginning.

5)  Small Handheld Pencil Sharpener

6)  Kneaded eraser OR Gum Eraser

7)  Rubber Cement

8)  X-acto Knife   (an extra pack of blades may be needed during the year)

9)  Set of colored pencils (or a good mix of colors) 

10)  Set of Markers (Crayola or another cheaper brand is fine)

11)  2 Fine Point Black Sharpie Markers

12)  Minimum of 3 Paint Brushes (One Small (Fine tip), One Medium and One Large (wider fan or flat))

13)  Set of Opaque paints (Either Tempera or Acrylic)                                                                                  At minimum: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Brown and White

14)  Oil Pastels (Set of 10 or more)

15)  Masking tape


**Remember the supplies DO NOT need to be brand new

**YOUR NAME is of VITAL importance and MUST BE PERMANENTLY and CREATIVELY (if you like) attached on ALL your art supplies, especially your Art box.

**Your Art box, Art Board (which you will get from me) and Portfolio will be kept in the Art Room

Monday, August 14th, 2017

(This is the letter that was mailed to all the future Fundamentals of Art students in late July, 2017)

Dear Parents of Fundamentals of Art Students,

Hello!  My name is Kim Plagge and I will be teaching your son Fundamentals of Art this year.  During the year, your son will be challenged with a variety of art experiences.  We will question, experiment and discuss art.  The class will enable him to gain a basis in the fundamentals of art and experiment with different types of media and styles, which leads me to why you are receiving this letter.  Over the past couple of years, the Art Department has become very cognizant that the cost of supplies can add up easily.  We have decided to mail out the supply list before school starts so that you are able to take advantage of all the school sales and coupons that many stores have over the coming weeks. 

               Each Fundamentals student will need to provide the supplies on the list for class.  The biggest thing I would like to clarify for you is that these supplies DO NOT need to be brand new.  If you have had a sibling, cousin, or friend who has taken art, they may be able to give you some, or even all, of their old supplies.  For example, it is okay to have a set of colored pencils that you may have used in grade school, as long as you have the basic colors.  Your son can always add to them as they run out.

               Supplies can be found at a number of different locations.  Hobby Lobby and Michael’s always have sizable weekly coupons on purchases.   Plaza Artist Materials and Suder’s Art Store offer student discounts.   Wal-Mart, Staples, Office Depot, John R. Green, even Walgreen’s and Ollie’s carry quite a few of the items on the list for much cheaper prices.

               If you have any questions at all regarding supplies or the class, please feel free to email me at plaggeka@elderhs.net.  We will never turn anyone away who wants to take art, but is unable to provide the supplies.  If you find that it is a hardship to get supplies, please let me know as soon as possible and we will take care of your son.

The supplies are not due until Friday, September 8th.  If you do get them earlier, your son is welcome to bring them in before September 8th.  The supplies will be kept in the Art room.

I am excited about the coming school year and hope that you and your son have a great end of the summer.  I hope to see you all on Meet the Teacher Night on September 6th.




Kim Plagge

Fundamentals of Art Instructor

Final Painting Project

If you would like your final painting project to be a 100 point grade versus a 50 point grade you will need to finish the piece and email a picture of the piece to me by Wednesday, May 31st in the morning.  My email address is plaggeka@elderhs.net.

If I do not receive an image of the painting by email by that date you will only receive the "in progress" grade of 50 points.

Thank you all for a REALLY great year!!  I hope you all learned a little bit about art and life during our journey together.  Best wishes for a fantastic summer!  I can't wait to see you all in the fall.

AND DON'T FORGET to clean out your bin spaces and take everything home, even your art box, by the END of the day on TUESDAY, MAY 30th.  Otherwise the items will be considered a donation to the Art Department.

Week of May 1st-5th, 2017

Printing officially finished at the end of the day last Friday.  Students will assemble their print portfolios Monday morning.  We will be doing one more creative activity with some of their extra prints during the period on Monday as well to wrap up the experimental portion of their project.  They will have the class period and Monday evening to put together this last print.  On Tuesday we will do an evaluation paper and have a class critique.  

PRINTMAKING CHECKLIST TO TURN IN AT THE END OF THE PROJECT (Please note:  These are MINIMUM requirements.  You can ALWAYS turn in more):

1)  Linoleum Plate 

2)  1 Black Ink Proof     

3)  ONE  Clean Black Ink Prints on white paper (Not your Proof) that is signed.  I will show you how to correctly sign them when everyone is finished.      (This print will be from the press, not hand pressed with a baren)

4)  Minimum of 2 Experimental Prints (We will discuss what makes print experimental) 

5)  1 Experimental print that has been cut up and reassembled (Could be from 1 print or multiple prints)  Made during class in Monday-DUE TUESDAY

On Wednesday we will begin work in groups on construction of their Big Heads for the wrestling match that will be held during the Art Show on May 14th.  Students will have one week to construct the heads.


1)  MONDAY, MAY 1st:  Printmaking Portfolio is DUE

2)  WEDNESDAY, MAY 3rd:  Open Studio in the Art room from 4:30-8:30.  Come and work on your Bonanza piece...REMEMBER, only 6 days until Bonanza Day!!! Only ONE more weekend.

*Begin work on Big Head Construction in class

3)  WEDNESDAY, MAY 10th:  Pre-Bonanza Night.  Bonanza pieces can be dropped off between 6-8 pm directly in the volleyball gym.

4)  THURSDAY, MAY 11th:  BONANZA DAY!!  All Bonanzas need to be turned in by this date.

5)  SUNDAY, MAY 14th:  Art Show from 1-4 in the Volleyball/ Wrestling gym.





April 24th-28th, 2017

This week is all about finishing our prints.  The Checklist of prints due are listed below.  On Monday I will explain briefly what makes an experimental print.  The goal is to make as many interesting and creative prints as you can.  

I will also be speaking with some students on Monday who needed to figure out more about their Bonanza projects.  There is an Open Studio on Tuesday where students may work.  There will also be, at minimum, 2 more open studios in the next 2 weeks.  The dates and times will be determined in the next couple of days.

PRINTMAKING CHECKLIST TO TURN IN AT THE END OF THE PROJECT (Please note:  These are MINIMUM requirements.  You can ALWAYS turn in more):

1)  Linoleum Plate 

2)  1 Black Ink Proof     

3)  ONE  Clean Black Ink Prints on white paper (Not your Proof) that is signed.  I will show you how to correctly sign them when everyone is finished.      (This print will be from the press, not hand pressed with a baren)

4)  Minimum of 2 Experimental Prints (We will discuss what makes print experimental) 


1)  TUESDAY, APRIL 25th:  Open Studio in the Art room from 2:30-8:30.  Come and work on some printmaking and/or your Bonanza piece...REMEMBER, only 16 days until Bonanza Day!!! Only TWO more weekends.

2) THURSDAY, APRIL 27th:  Last official day to print in class.  Prints are DUE on MONDAY, MAY 1st. 

3)  FRIDAY, APRIL 28th:  ElderFest.  The Art room will be open all day to work.

4)  WEDNESDAY, MAY 10th:  Pre-Bonanza Night.  Bonanza pieces can be dropped off between 6-8 pm directly in the volleyball gym.

5)  THURSDAY, MAY 11th:  BONANZA DAY!!  All Bonanzas need to be turned in by this date.

6)  SUNDAY, MAY 14th:  Art Show from 1-4 in the Volleyball/ Wrestling gym.


Week of April 17th-April 21st, 2017Th

This week will be a bit of a disjointed week due to the testing days and being off on Monday.  We are going to do our best to keep on track.  Tuesday we will have a normal class period where students will begin discussing with me individually about their idea for the Bonanza project.  I would encourage any student who knows what they want to do to try and stop by either before school, during their lunch or if they are free during 2nd so they can get a start as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to get to everyone on Tuesday.  It will most likely take me to the end of the week to meet with all the students.

I will not see the students on Wednesday because of testing and only for a short class period on Thursday because of testing.  We will end the week with a normal class period.  

Starting on Tuesday, I will have several proofing stations and two press stations so that students can start on the printing process.  On either Tuesday or Thursday all students will be required to have a proof ready to be critiqued before starting the final printing process.  Below is what will be required of all students for the printmaking project:

PRINTMAKING CHECKLIST TO TURN IN AT THE END OF THE PROJECT (Please note:  These are MINIMUM requirements.  You can ALWAYS turn in more):

1)  Linoleum Plate 

2)  1 Black Ink Proof     

3)  2 (They should be identical or nearly) Clean Black Ink Prints on white paper (Not your Proof) that are signed.  I will show you how to correctly sign them when everyone is finished.      (These prints will be from the press, not hand pressed with a baren)

4)  Minimum of 2 Experimental Prints (We will discuss what makes print experimental) 


1)  TUESDAY, APRIL 18th:  Bonanza Sketch DUE.  Include sketch, sizes, material list and any other important information

2)  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19th:  Open Studio in the Art Room from 6-8 pm.

3)  SATURDAY, APRIL 22nd:  Freshman Dance

4)  WEDNESDAY, MAY 10th:  Pre-Bonanza Night.  Bonanza pieces can be dropped off between 6-8 pm directly in the volleyball gym.

5)  THURSDAY, MAY 11th:  BONANZA DAY!!  All Bonanzas need to be turned in by this date.

6)  SUNDAY, MAY 14th:  Art Show from 1-4 in the Volleyball/ Wrestling gym.


Big Head Wrestling Information

This will be a group project the week before the Art Show.  You MAY choose to make one on your own for your Bonanza project.


1)        Build a Big Head (use imagery and personas from history, myth, popular culture and more, to create big head sculptures and perform with them) out of yourchoice of material. 

2)        It must be at minimum 2’ x 2’ x 2’.

3)        It has to be able to be lifted by one PVC pole (which we will provide)

4)        You will need to be able to attend the Art Show to compete in the ring against other Big Heads.


BONANZA is a state of mind.  Think BIG in IDEA and/or SIZE.  It’s celebrating the end of a                                school year.  Think of it as an ART EXTRAVAGANZA!                                                                                       Think of it as a “Create-your-Own-Exam”. 

When you make your Bonanza for the Art Show,  you are exempt from your Art Exam period

You can approach it many different ways…Here are just a few: 

1) Make a piece that is related to your “regular” art, just ENLARGE it!  In SIZE or IDEA!


2) Make a piece where you try some new ideas/ media/technique- something that you have seen but haven’t been able to try yet…


3) Get an idea, and think about how to do it and then what to use…


4)Find out what materials you can get easily and cheaply, and then think about what subject matter fits that…

***You are certainly NOT limited to any of these ideas on this sheet…


***One partner is Okay, although the piece has to be twice as “Bonanzaish”.  Your partner doesn’t have to be in the same period/grade level as you.


Before getting into specific possibilities, one last “state of mind” thing----

Whatever you do, try hard, use your brain, use your energy.  Don’t be lazy.  Make sketches, look at books, go to the library.  It really is more fun to do a job that you’re proud of and feel good about yourself, than to let yourself and the rest of us down.  The Bonanza project is set up so that EVERYONE can SUCCEED if they try.


1)   TUESDAY, APRIL 18th- Have your sketches for the Bonanza, so that we can look over the boundless array of fascinating ideas…24 days until BONANZA DAY! (You may show me your sketch ANY TIME before this date)

2)  SATURDAY, APRIL 22nd- Freshmen Dance and only 20 days until BONANZA DAY!  Ask a girl and work on your project.

3)  FRIDAY, APRIL 28th-ElderFest and Art Open Studio all day long.  13 days until Bonanza Day.

4)  WEDNESDAY, MAY 10TH- PRE-BONANZA NIGHT- If it is easier to drop off your Bonanza the night before, the gym will be open from 6-8 pm. 

5)  THURSDAY, MAY 11TH- BONANZA DAY—This is the day that all the Bonanza pieces are brought in, excluding pieces too big to fit inside…It’s like Christmas Day in the Art Room!!! (If you’re absent or do not have it on THIS day your exam grade will suffer IMMENSELY!  AND you will have to come during your exam period.)

**The only Bonanzas not coming in May 11th are pieces that won’t fit in the school.  These are displayed on the day of the Art Show –They are to be set up by 12:30, and taken home by 4:30 that day.  (Failure to do this impacts negatively on your exam grade)

6)   SUNDAY, MAY 14th - THE ART SHOW- 1-4 pm- Bring your mom, your dad, your family, your girlfriend, your neighbors’ kids, your hedgehog- make it a celebration of great art!

***If you are able, please take your Bonanza home right after the Art Show ends.  The other option is to take it home either Monday (15th) or Tuesday (16th) either before or after school.  It needs to be removed from Elder’s premises by after school on Tuesday.  (Failure to do this impacts negatively on your exam grade) We have to have the gym empty by Tuesday so that the grade school volleyball tournament can be played.


Week of April 10th-14th, 2017

Work continues this week on the linoleum block print.  A number of students have already started pulling proofs from their blocks and are continuing to revise them.  We will only have 2 class days this week due to the Freshmen Retreat on Wednesday and Easter break Thursday and Friday.  My goal is to have all students finished with cutting by the end of the period on Tuesday.  That way when we get back from break we can start with the final prints and then experimental ones.

I introduced the Bonanza project on Friday.  I will continue showing examples of past projects and professional artists that will hopefully help give inspiration for the project.  The Bonanza project is the Final exam.  Deadlines and information for it will be in the following post.


1)  TUESDAY, APRIL 11th:  Finish Cutting Linoleum Block

2)  TUESDAY, APRIL 18th:  Bonanza Sketch DUE.  Make sure you have a sketch of your Bonanza, size estimation, list of materials and any specifics about the piece.

3)  WEDNESDAY, MAY 10th:  Pre-Bonanza Night.  Bonanza pieces can be dropped off between 6-8 pm directly in the volleyball gym.

4)  THURSDAY, MAY 11th:  BONANZA DAY!!  All Bonanzas need to be turned in by this date.

5)  SUNDAY, MAY 14th:  Art Show from 1-4 in the Volleyball/ Wrestling gym.

Week of April 3rd-April 7th, 2017

The Printmaking project is coming along.  Some students have started cutting their linoleum block.  The majority will start on Monday.  Over the next week, students will be primarily cutting out their linoleum block.  By the end of the week, some students may be able to start printing.  We will have several Open Studios in the next 3 weeks so that students may have time for more printing outside of class.

I will also begin introducing the final exam project, also known as the Bonanza project, this week.  I would like students to start thinking about what they may want to do before we leave for Easter break.


  1. FRIDAY, APRIL 7th:  Sketchbook Assignment #1 for the 4th quarter is DUE