Week of October 12-16, 2015

We will start the week doing a written evaluation for the Contour Line drawings that were done on the collaged paper last week.  Students will be given the opportunity to rework some areas in order to show the most depth as possible with their lines.

The Digital Photography students are coming in on Monday and Tuesday to work with the Art 1 students on how to use the camera properly and to take strong compositions.  Each Photography student will be paired with 3-4 Art 1 students.  

By Thursday and Friday, pairs will be going out around the Elder campus to photograph different examples of the Elements and Principles of Art.  


  1. WED., OCT. 15th- Reworked Contour Line drawings are due
  2. TUES., OCT. 27th- Halloween Masks are DUE (Remember, these are worth 200 points)