Week of October 19-23, 2015

Students will finish taking photographs around the campus that creatively describe some of the Elements of Principles of Art that we have been looking at in class.  They will be working with their partner to create a PowerPoint that shows each of the photographs.  

We will begin work on a short drawing assignment that will be due on Friday.  Students will get 2 different cartoon characters who they will have to combine into a new hybrid cartoon character of their own creation.

There will be an Open Art Studio this Wednesday from 6-8:30 in the Art room for any art student who would like to work on their art.


  1. TUESDAY, OCT. 20th- Written evaluations on Contour Line drawings are due if not turned in yet.
  2. THURSDAY, OCT. 22nd-  Definition worksheet due if student wants a revised grade
  3. FRIDAY, OCT. 23rd- Cartoon Hybrid due at the end of the period.
  4. TUESDAY, OCT. 27th- Halloween Mask DUE  (Remember, this is worth 200 points)