Week of October 5-9, 2015

This week in class we have a number of things happening...

  1. The students will be finishing up their contour line drawing of one of the objects in the room.  That drawing will be due on Friday, October 9th. 
  2. The students will begin work on understanding the Elements and Principles of Art.  This will be a multi-step process.  First, they will find information and examples on www.flyeschool.com.  Second, they will use that information to take digital photographs of a number of the Elements and Principles of Art found around the Elder campus.  Prior to them taking the photographs, the Digital Photography students will be working in small groups with them about how to use the cameras and take good compositions.
  3. I will be looking over their Halloween mask sketches on Tuesday and Wednesday.  


  1. Contour Line Drawing due on Friday, October 9th
  2. Elements and Principles of Art definitions and examples due by Friday, October 9th.