Week of November 16th-20th, 2015

On Monday l officially introduced the next project.  We have been working towards it for the last week with different exercises involving changing shape into form and learning how to shade using colored pencils while layering and blending.  The drawing assignment is to draw, using colored pencils, a Lego structure (built by the student) that is both interesting and accurate in proportion and shading.

Specific Instructions for the LEGO project are as follows:

1.  Each  student will pick 3-6 Lego blocks of various sizes, shapes and colors  to create an interesting composition that is dominantly horizontal or vertical in design. The blocks should extend beyond one another.  

2.  If they want more of a challenge, they can use a mirror when drawing the sculpture to help extend the image. 

3.  Students will practice drawing the Lego sculpture by looking at it from different viewpoints in their sketchbook before they start on the final drawing. (At minimum, 3 rough sketches (All from different viewpoints).  They do not need to be in color)

4. After critiquing the sketches with me, the students will decide upon what viewpoint is the strongest and most interesting to work from.  They will then draw that image on a good piece of white or black 9" x 12" paper.

5.  Students will then begin putting the colors onto the paper.  It will be important to remember to start light and then to get darker as they go along.  Change in value and Shading will be extremely important in order to show the FORM of the Lego blocks.  


  1. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 25th- Lego Colored Pencil Piece DUE

  2. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3rd- Sketchbook Assignment #2 DUE