Week of September 28-October 2, 2015

This week we will be focusing on creating a strong composition using only contour lines.  The students will learn how to make and use a viewfinder to assist them in creating an interesting composition.  They have already collaged a piece of paper with extra book pages from our Altered Book project which will be the surface for their contour line drawing.  Using only a Sharpie marker they will draw either a tuba, a cow skull or a plant.  The subject matter will be their choice.  

At the end of last week the students were shown many slides of masks, ranging from professional artists to cultural masks and even past Elder student masks, to help serve as inspiration for their Mask project.  This project is a homework assignment and is worth 200 points.  There is specific information below regarding the Mask project.

DEADLINES for the Week:

  1.  Sketchbook Assignment #2 is DUE TUESDAY, SEPT. 29th (This can be any of the 5 that you have not done yet from the half sheet of paper given to you)
  2. Contour Line Drawing of one of the 3 objects is DUE at the end of the class period THURSDAY, OCT. 1st. (This is an in class assignment)

Requirements for Mask Project:

  1. Must cover your head or face (at least partially)
  2. Need to be able to BREATHE and SEE
  3. May be made out of virtually any type of material as long as it is sturdy enough to hold it’s shape…THINK CREATIVELY!!
  4. Should not look like you could walk into a Halloween store and buy it

DEADLINES for Mask Project:

  1. Sketches for Halloween masks  DUE by MON., Oct. 5th
    *Sketch should be in your sketch book with a rough estimation of size, list of materials you’ll use and any other details that are important.

  2. Halloween mask DUE Tues., Oct. 27th