Week of January 11th-15th

We have 4 class days this week before exams begin.  Students will be working on the new project "Text as Texture" through this week.  They will receive an In Progress grade for this project since we will not be finished with it before the end of the 2nd quarter.  We will pick up with it when the 3rd quarter starts next Thursday.  The checklist for the project is below the Dates and Deadlines listed below.

Students will be able to work on their mid semester exam project and/or mat on either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week during class.  There is also one more Open Studio where they can work  as well.

All Art 1 students are required to be in class for their exam period.  They are to come with their finished/matted composition, research they did on their artists and 3 of their best pieces from the year so far (the exam cannot be one of those pieces).


  1. MONDAY, JAN. 11th- Open Studio from 2:30-4:30 in the Art Rm.
  2. TUESDAY, JAN. 12th- Any Reworked/ Missing/ Extra assignments are DUE if you want them to count for the 2nd quarter.
  3. FRIDAY, JAN. 15th- 2ND PERIOD ART 1 EXAM:  10:20-1:15
  4. TUESDAY, JAN. 19th- 3RD PERIOD ART 1 EXAM:  7:50-10:15




 For this composition you will be creating a piece that is based on a letter in your name.  You will be cutting text from magazines and newspapers into strips that you will adhere into areas that create blocks of visual texture. 

The idea is to get away from the literal meaning of the words. 

In short, you will be creating a collage based on text that is an extreme close up of a letter.


1)      Using a piece of paper, cut out a 1" square in the middle for a viewfinder.

2)      Write your first and last name in Cursive in your sketchbook.

3)     Using the view finder, move around the area of your letters.  You are trying to find a nice, balanced arrangement (center of interest, good balance of positive and negative space).  You do not want to be able to tell what letter it is- so you only need a portion of the letter.

4)      Once you’ve decided on an interesting composition, you will use a pencil to sketch out the basic composition onto the paper provided.

5)     You will need to decide how many colors/ textures your composition will require.  Then you will start cutting out strips of texts.  The strips should not be thicker than ½ inch wide.

6)     Look for a variety of font styles and sizes as well as colors and type of paper.  Separate them into similar styles and colors.  You will need to have an envelope to keep them (you can make one out of paper).

7)     Once you’ve cut enough strips to get started, you will apply a light coat of matte medium to a small portion of the paper.  Paste a single strip of text into the wet medium.  Apply a light coat over the text, and move onto the next strip.  Try not to coat too large an area at once, as the medium dries fast.

8)     Continue to build shapes from the strips of the text until the composition is complete.