Week of February 1st-5th, 2016

On Monday, we will finish up out Text as Texture project with a critique of the work.  I will ,hopefully, have images up on the Student Work tab by the end of the week.  By Tuesday, we will begin work on our next project, Shattered Self Portrait.  The students will be drawing their self portrait and then we will use that as a base to work in the style of the Cubists to create a portrait painting.  

This assignment will introduce a number of techniques, new media and art history.  It will span over a few weeks in order to cover everything and to do it in a logical progression.

This week the students will be drawing blind contours of the people they sit across from in order to practice seeing the proportion of the face.  They will then work in their sketchbooks to practice drawing the individual aspects of the face:  eyes, nose, mouth and ears.  They will have class time for this part of the process.  During the week they will have time to photograph themselves for their self portrait.  I will demonstrate later in the week how to draw the face in proportion using free hand and grid techniques.  By Friday, they should begin work on their own self portrait.


  1. TUESDAY, FEB. 2nd:  Sketchbook Assignment #1 for the 3rd Quarter is DUE

  2. Self Portrait photograph taken by THURSDAY, FEB. 4th.

  3. FRIDAY, FEB. 5th:  3 Noses, 3 Eyes, 3 Mouths, 3 Ears drawn in sketchbook using pencil.  Shading is required.  This should be finished by the end of the period on Friday.