Week of October 3rd-7th, 2016

We have a number of things beginning and ending this week in class.  We will finish up the slides for the Halloween Mask project on Monday.  We have been looking at professional artist pieces, cultural and ceremonial masks and will end with masks made by past Elder students.  The hope is to give the students plenty of inspiration and possibilities for what can be done when creating a mask.  

There are two deadlines that will go with this project:  the first is this FRIDAY, OCT. 7th.  Students need to be prepared with a sketch (in their sketchbook) of their mask idea with a list of materials they will be using, approximate size and any information that explains if it does something special.  The second deadline will be WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26th.  That is the day that the mask is DUE.  This project is done completely outside of class due to the variety of materials that students choose to use.  The project is worth 200 points.  It is extremely important that the students use their time wisely in preparing and creating their mask.  Please encourage your sons if they need materials or have questions on how to do something to see me as soon as possible.  When I look at their sketches we will go over many of those details.

On TUESDAY, we will finish with a critique and evaluation on the Contour Line drawings that used pattern and texture.  They did a beautiful job capturing clean contour lines using weight and variety.  Pictures should be uploaded onto the work page by later this week.

On WEDNESDAY, we will begin work on our next drawing project using pencils and shading.  It is the Handscape Project.  It will introduce students to a variety of drawing pencils to see what they can do and how to use them in shading.  That will lead to a lesson on how to draw hands and then incorporate the hands into a Surrealist landscape.  

If any of you have the opportunity to stop by the Westwood Library, 11 of the students have their Altered Book Projects on display until October 28th.  The one limitation was that their display case is only 7 inches tall, so there were a number of pieces that I was unable to select because of size.  The good news is that they will all be displayed during the Open House on the 30th.


1) TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4th:  Contour Line Sharpie drawing DUE at the beginning of class.

2)  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7th:  Mask sketch DUE.  I will go over the sketch with each student individually.

3)  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26th:  Mask Project DUE and Halloween Party with Mercy's Art Club at Mercy.

4)  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28th:  First Quarter ends