Week of November 28th-December 2nd, 2016

We started work last week by learning how to use colored pencils in a more elevated way.  The students worked on a worksheet which asked them to layer multiple colors on top of each other while also remembering how to shade. The worksheet was the first step for the next project that they will be doing.  Some students started last week by identifying what animal, reptile, insect or fish they may want to work with for this project.  Students will be asked to magnify the area around the chosen animal's eye and then draw that using their colored pencils.  


1) WEDNESDAY, NOV. 30th:  Animal Eye needs to be emailed to Mrs. Plagge by the end of your period.  ALSO, if you chose to do the Doodle 4 Google contest for your sketchbook assignment #2 it is DUE.  Please have your parent sign the entry form.

2)  THURSDAY, DEC. 1st:  Sketchbook Assignment #2 (for the 2nd quarter) is DUE

3)  FRIDAY, DEC. 9th:  Animal Eye Colored Pencil Project is DUE