Art 1 Mid Term Exam Information

Alphabet Art


            GOAL:  To create a composition using the letter and artist you picked in an interesting and challenging way on a 12” x 16” piece of paper that is matted. Think about good composition and interesting viewpoints.  BE CREATIVE!

1)     You will select a letter from the alphabet. Your letter will be your inspiration for your composition.  You could pick a subject matter that begins with that letter or even use the letter in your composition somewhere.

2)     You will also receive a paper that has five artists listed on it. Everyone needs to research those FIVE artists BEFORE you start on your composition.  Remember the artist is to be used as an inspiration for style, media or even subject matter, but not necessarily all three.  If you cannot find inspiration in their style, subject matter or media, you may exchange for another paper of 5 artists, BUT not until you have researched the first 5.  

3)     If there is an artist that you like and would like to work in their style/media and it is not on the sheet you get, you may petition me to go with that artist, BUT not until you have looked at your initial 5. 

4)     You will choose ONE of the artists as your primary inspiration.  Once you have decided on the artist, you will need to either write down the information to these questions OR put them on a word document.

      **(You will need this information for the exam period)**

   A)  Any art movements/styles that they were connected to.

       B)  Colors used in their palette (that is, colors or color schemes they generally used in their pieces)…hot or cold colors, dark colors, etc…

       C)  Techniques they would have used to apply paint/pencil/etc. to the surface…Is it smooth, rough, etc.?  Think about the texture.

         D)  When did they live? Or what is their birth date if they are still alive?

          E)  2 pieces of Biographical Information not including when they lived.

               F)  What was the name of a piece that you really liked by your artist?  Explain WHY.

*PLEASE NOTE:  you will need to pick your artist BEFORE you start on your composition.  Everyone has to have an artist picked by WED., DEC. 21st.  You will need to write down your artist on a sheet that is hanging on the white board for your class.

5)     Once you have found inspiration in one of the artists, your next step is to start thinking/ sketching about what your composition will look like.  How will you use the letter in your piece?  How will you use your artist as inspiration?  **See your sheet from the beginning of the year on Composition if you need a reminder**

6)     We will have two “QUESTION/ PROBLEM/ SKETCH DAYS” on TUES. DEC. 20th and WEDS., JAN. 4th during class…  BE PREPARED!  You may show me your sketch or ideas before that day if you like.

7)     The media that you use is your choice.  But, choose a media that you feel confident working with.  (For example, don’t use watercolor if you have never really worked with watercolor before)  This exam is meant for you to SHOWCASE what you know about good composition and technique with your material.  

8)     Your composition can be on whatever flat base you think will work best.  I would recommend the good white drawing paper.  I have already cut pieces of it to the size that you will need for the exam.  These pieces will be on the table in front of the white board. The size of the paper is 12” x 16”.  You may use it either vertically or horizontally.  Please choose the BEST orientation for YOUR composition.

9)     IF you want to make your composition in a different size, orientation or material, please check with me first.  It should not be a problem, but I want to make sure you get the correct dimensions for the mat.  The handout that I will give you at the mat demonstration will relate to the 12”x 16” dimension.  

10)   On the day of the exam, you will be expected to bring your SMILING and HAPPY faces to the Art room with your SPECTACULAR finished and matted composition ALONG WITH any research you found on your artist.

11)   Your exam composition will be due at your exam time.  There will be no Study period prior to the exam.

                                          *1st period is Wednesday, Jan. 11th from 7:50-10:15          

                                         * 3rd period is Thursday, January 12th from 7:50-10:15

                                         * 4th period is Thursday, January 12th from 10:20-1:15 

**Your piece will need to be matted BEFORE the exam.  You will not be able to finish your exam or mat it during the exam time.

12)  You will also need FOUR of your best pieces that you have done     throughout the semester for the actual exam period.  Your exam cannot be one of the pieces, but sketchbook assignments and masks may be used.

Remember to…