Week of February 29th-March 4th

"The aim of painting is not to reflect history, because this can be found in books.  We have a higher conception.  Through it, the artist expresses his inner conviction."

-Henri Matisse

This week in class the students will be finishing up their Self Portrait drawings.  They are due by the end of the period on Friday, March 4th.  As they finish these drawings, they will move onto our new project:  Fauvism Self Portrait Painting.  We are going to change directions by moving from realism with our drawings to paintings inspired by the Fauvist art movement.  

On Tuesday, I will introduce the Fauvism Self Portrait Painting project.  This is a multi-step project to help the students become more familiar with their acrylic paints before putting them onto the canvas.  We will be working with the Color Wheel and how important colors can be to create emotions and feelings.

To view the Color Wheel click on the link below...



  1. FRIDAY. MARCH 4th-  Self Portrait Drawing DUE by the end of the period
  2. FRIDAY, MARCH 4th-  Sketchbook #3 DUE