Week of March 15th-18th, 2016

This week we will continue work on our Fauvist inspired self portrait paintings.  We will be experimenting with color theory and the use of acrylic/tempera paint.  Some students have started painting on their canvases while others are still working on their Value painting worksheets and rough color sketch in their sketchbook.  

We are nearing the end of the 3rd quarter which means that any student who has missing assignments or would like to rework any of their pieces must have those turned in by next TUESDAY, MARCH 22nd in order to get credit for them.

I am also offering an extra credit assignment for any students who would like to take advantage of it.  You are to visit the Catholic High Schools Art Exhibition currently open at the Flats Gallery in Price Hill.  In your sketchbook you will need to roughly draw (or take pictures that you may email to me) and explain to me why you like those 2 pieces.  Use descriptive art words to explain what it is (you may want to look back at your definitions from the beginning of the year) that makes those TWO pieces interesting and strong.  This will give you the opportunity to get an extra 100 points averaged into your quarter average if done very well.  Take advantage!  Information about Gallery hours and location are in the NEWS AND EVENTS section of the website.


  1. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16th:  Value Painting worksheet DUE at the end of the period
  2. FRIDAY, MARCH 18th:  Sketchbook #4 DUE (Look at an additional option for the sketchbook assignment below)

  3. FRIDAY, MARCH 18th:  Rough Color Drawing in Sketchbook DUE at the end of the period.  It may be in oil pastels or colored pencil.

  4. TUESDAY, MARCH 22nd:  Any missing projects or reworked projects are DUE

  5. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23rd:  In Progress/Finished Fauvist Self Portrait Painting DUE

  6. MONDAY, MARCH 21st-WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23rd:  BONANZA presentation!!!!


The 2nd Annual Mascot MashUp Challenge

You will randomly draw one section of the NCAA Basketball bracket where two teams are listed.  You will take both of their mascots and COMBINE them in an interesting and creative way.  (Think cartoon character from earlier in the year)  Don't forget to use color if that helps the connection and create an environment so that you use the whole page.  

Will you take on the challenge????