Week of March 7th-March 11th, 2016

On Monday, we will be finishing up the Self Portrait drawings with a self evaluation and a group critique.  The students have done a wonderful job with recreating their image onto the page.  I will have some of these wonderful examples on the webpage by the end of the week.

The students have begun work on their next project, a Fauvism Self Portrait that they will be painting.  This project has a number of warm up exercises so that the students will become more accustomed to the mixing of paints and the use of color.   They will ultimately end up with a portrait painting inspired by the colors and brushstrokes of the Fauvist movement.


  1. FRIDAY, MARCH 18th:  Sketchbook #4 DUE
  2. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23rd:  End of the 3rd Quarter.  Any assignments that are missing or ones that have been reworked need to be turned in by this date.