April 19th-April 29th, 2016

The last week has really slowed us down quite a bit due to testing.  Starting tomorrow we will start to get back on track.  Lats week we started on the Animal Relief Printmaking project.  Students found an animal picture that they found interesting which had a lot of texture and patterns.  They began work on a practice sheet to figure out how they would get the textures and patterns using mostly lines.  Tomorrow I will demonstrate some more techniques to get those textures and patterns.  I will also demonstrate the next step, which will be how to cut into their plates.  Students will begin cutting by FRIDAY, APRIL 22nd.  Since we only have 3 actual class days next week, we will continue the cutting process, hopefully, finishing by TUESDAY, MAY 8th.  On WEDNESDAY, MAY 4th, everyone should start printing.  They may begin printing before that day if they finish cutting.  They will have until FRIDAY, MAY 6th to finish printing.

We also began research on an upcoming group project that will take place the week of MAY 9th-13th.  They will construct a BIG HEAD that will be competing in the Big Head Wrestling competition at the Art Show on MAY 22nd.  The Big Heads can be made from any materials.  They need to be, at minimum, 2' x 2' x 2'.  If anyone has any larger sheets of cardboard that they would like to donate we would gladly take them.  

Everyone's Bonanza's sketches have now been approved. Work should have started on it already.  If not, remember there are only 30 days until Bonanza Day!


  1. FRIDAY, MAY 22nd:  Cutting needs to begin on Animal Relief print plate
  2. FRIDAY, MAY 22nd:  Freshman Dance
  3. MONDAY, APRIL 25th:  NO SCHOOL for teacher in service (Great time to work on your BONANZA!) 
  4.  APRIL 22nd-28th, MAY 2-3rd, :  Cutting on plate/ Finish by the 3rd
  5. FRIDAY, APRIL 29th:  Elderfest
  7. MAY 9th-May 13th:  Group Big Head Construction
  8. WEDNESDAY, MAY 18th:  Bonanza Drop off in the evening
  9. THURSDAY, MAY 19th:  BONANZA DAY!!  (This is your final exam.  Make sure it is in on time and shows what you can do)
  10. SUNDAY, MAY 22nd:  Art Show 1-4