Week of May 1st-6th

By Monday this week, all students should be finished with cutting of their plates.  The next step is to print off 3 traditional black ink prints on white paper that are consistent with one another.  After those are completed, students will need to print ,at minimum, 4 Experimental prints by Friday the 6th.

Next week, we will continue group work for the construction of the BIG HEAD project.

*** A little over 2 weeks until Bonanza is DUE!

Deadlines and Dates:

  1. FRIDAY, MAY 6th:  3 Traditional Black ink prints and (at minimum) 4 Experimental prints are DUE                                           
  2. WEDNESDAY, MAY 18th:  Bonanza Drop off in the evening
  3. THURSDAY, MAY 19th:  BONANZA DAY!!  (This is your final exam.  Make sure it is in on time and shows what you can do)
  4. SUNDAY, MAY 22nd:  Art Show, 1-4