Welcome to Art Studio 1

During this year you will be challenged and excited with a variety of art experiences.  We will question, experiment and discuss art.  The Art Studio 1 program will enable you to gain a basis in the fundamentals of art and experiment with different types of media, styles and techniques.

One of the biggest goals in this class is to foster and grow your CREATIVITY.  Creativity is a way of thinking, a way of viewing the world…It doesn’t mean that you have to know how to draw (YET!), it means that you are willing to be open to new ideas, experiences and viewpoints…

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. 

Art is knowing which ones to keep.

-Scott Adams


Art class is an ELECTIVE.  It is your CHOICE to be here every day and to be prepared both physically and creatively!!  If you are willing to ask the questions, experiment and do the work, then welcome to Art 1.


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.  I am here teaching during 1st, 3rd and 4th periods during the day.  I do have a free period during 2nd if you need to see me as well.  I will generally be in the Art Room by 7:30 every morning if you have any questions or problems. I will not always be at school at the end of the day, but I will check my email each night and try to reply as soon as possible. You can email me at plaggeka@elderhs.net or call 921-3744, Voicemail extension #2216.

The Art Department has a website that can be accessed at http://www.elderartdept.com directly or can be found through the Art tab under Campus Life on www.elderhs.org.  There will be information regarding classes and deadlines as well as student art work done throughout the year.

I’m looking forward to the year ahead!


1) MONDAY, AUGUST 29th:  Student Questionnaire and Student Learning Contract are DUE

2) FRIDAY, SEPT. 16th:  All Art supplies are DUE - PLEASE see Mrs. Plagge if you are having ANY trouble at all with getting your supplies.