Week of August 29th-Sept.2nd, 2016

This week we will continue talking about and working on creativity and making connections.  We will do two different creativity worksheets on Monday and Tuesday to help warm up for our first project of the year.  I will present the Altered Book Project on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The challenge for this project is to take a book and transform it so that people will look at it in an entirely new way, forgetting it is a book.

Each student will get to pick out a book that they feel will give them the most options to transform it.  They will work for a little over a week in class to transform it into a piece of art.  They will be DUE FRIDAY, SEPT.9th.


1)  Both Creativity Worksheets are DUE by THURSDAY, SEPT. 1st.

2)  THURSDAY, SEPT. 1st:  Underclassmen Picture Day

3)  FRIDAY, SEPT. 9th:  Altered Book Project DUE

4)  TUESDAY, SEPT. 13th:  First Sketchbook Assignment of the Quarter is DUE