Week of September 19th-23rd, 2016

The Altered Book Projects turned out beautifully!  Please check the Student Work Tab on the Home page to see some great examples of the project.  A number of the projects will be on display at the Westwood Library for the month of October.  If you have a chance, stop over to see them.

This week in class we are focusing on working with Contour lines.  We started some exercises last Friday to help warm up our eyes and hands so that we are really able to see what we are drawing instead of what we think we see.  We will continue with warm up exercises each day.

On Monday we will talk about the technique of using a grid in order to enlarge an already existing drawing.  Students are encouraged to try the grid method if they have never used it before.  They will be enlarging a contour line drawing onto a 12"x 18" piece of good drawing paper using a Sharpie marker.

This is the first step in a multi-step project.  On Tuesday, we will talk about changing those consistent contour lines into weighted contour lines in order to give form to the drawing.  On Wednesday, we will continue work on the drawing.  They will have a Handout on using lines to change a shape into a form.  This Handout will be DUE by the end of the class on Friday.  

By Thursday, everyone should start adding lines and patterns to their drawing in order to create FORM and TEXTURE to their composition.  We will continue work on this through Friday and the very beginning of next week.


1)  There are still a few students who do not have their art supplies in the Art room.  They need to be brought in ASAP!  

2)  TUESDAY, SEPT.20th:  #1 Sketchbook Assignment is DUE

3)  FRIDAY, SEPT. 23rd:  Line Handout DUE by the end of the period

4)  WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 28th:  First Art Club Meeting of the year!  The meeting will take place in the Art room starting around 2:00 and lasting approximately 30 minutes.  We want to see what types of activities, etc.  that you would be interested in doing this year.

5)  WEDNESDAY, OCT. 26th:  Annual Elder/ Mercy Art Club Halloween Party at Mercy.  More information to follow.