3rd Quarter Sketchbook Assignments

Art 1 Sketchbook Assignments

If you finish what we are currently working on in class, you are to pick one or more of the drawing assignments below and work on them (ideally) in your sketchbook. 

Everyone will have to pick 4 to turn in by the end of the 3rd quarter.  You will receive deadlines.  Any additional assignments finished will be considered extra credit. 

Remember to create a strong finished composition using the whole sketchbook page.


1)  The Year of the Rooster starts January 28th, 2017 in the Chinese New Year.  Create a composition or sculpture that incorporates a rooster image using any media.

2)  Find out what your Chinese Zodiac sign is and then create a combination of your animal with the rooster using whatever media that works best for your composition.

3)   Open a dictionary at random and, closing your eyes, pick a word. Do this three times so you end up with three words. Create a composition that connects all three words- it doesn’t matter if it is realistic or not!  Use the best media for your composition.

4)  Create a pattern and then repeat it so that it fills up a whole page in your sketchbook. The repetition should create movement throughout the whole page.  Media is your choice.

5)   Write out the lyrics to your favorite song. Incorporate those lyrics into a composition that will illustrate the song.  The words should be an integral part to the piece, not just stuck on the page.

6)  Juxtaposition Drawing: Create a new object by combining 2 unrelated objects-one needs to be from nature, the other needs to be mechanical. Render with full shading. Media: colored pencil or drawing pencil

7)  Draw a picture of your pet or the pet you would LOVE to have.  Media is your choice.