Week of January 3rd-6th, 2017

I hope everyone had a great holiday break!  Now we are ready to get back to business...  

On Tuesday, I will be introducing an oil pastel project that we will be working on through the quarter next week.  Unfortunately, we will not finish this project until the beginning of next quarter because of exams and learning how to mat.  Students will be working on the oil pastel project on the days we are not reviewing their Mid Term Exam project or learning how to mat.  The oil pastel project is inspired by the work of Sol LeWitt, a Conceptual and Minimalist artist of the 20th century.  It will give the students a little more freedom after the technically tough colored pencil piece that we finished right before break.

On WEDNESDAY, the 4th, I will meet with the students individually to discuss and look over sketches/ideas for their Mid Term exam project.  All other students will be working on their oil pastel project.

On THURSDAY, the 5th, I will introduce and demonstrate how to cut a mat for their Mid Term exam.  Students will be split into groups of 2 or 3 and will follow along with what I am doing.  At the end of the demonstration each group will end up with a finished mat.  Every student is required to have a finished matted piece when they walk into the Art Room for their exam next week.  There will be THREE Open Studios between now and exams where they may come and work on their project or mat.  See times and days below.

Friday, I will go over any questions about the Mid Term exams or matting.  We will have Monday and Tuesday of next week of class time before the exam.


1)  WEDNESDAY, JAN. 4th:  Sketch/Idea for Mid Term exam is due to be presented.

*There will be THREE Open Studios before exams next week.  Students are also encouraged and welcomed to work on their art in the Art room if they have a study hall, before or after school or even during their lunch period.  Please see Mrs. Plagge or Mr. Buetsche if you have any questions.  

                        1)  WEDNESDAY, JAN. 4th from 6-8:30 (Remember students get out of school                                 at 1:50 on Wednesday, so you could stay and work in the Art Room until 2:30)

                       2)  THURSDAY, JAN. 5th from 2:30-4:30- CANCELED BECAUSE OF SNOW DAY

                       3)  MONDAY, JAN. 9th from 2:30-4:00 and then from 6:00-8:00pm

2)    Any missing or reworked assignments have to be turned in to Mrs. Plagge in order to get credit for the 2nd quarter BY THE END OF THEIR EXAM PERIOD.

3)  EXAMS:  PERIOD 1:  Wednesday, Jan. 11th from 7:50-10:15

                     PERIOD 3:  Thursday, Jan. 12th from 7:50-10:15

                     PERIOD 4:  Thursday, Jan. 12th from 10:20-1:15