Week of October 2nd-6th, 2017

The students did a fantastic job utilizing lines to create patterns that were both two dimensional and three dimensional on their compositions.  There challenge was to try and work with variation of line weight as well as proximity of lines to help show values within each area.  The results are truly unique and very exciting.  On Monday, students will be evaluating their own piece and then a classmate's piece.  I hope to have images of some of the work up by the end of the week on the website.

Starting on Tuesday, I will be introducing the Halloween Mask Project.  This is a project that is done primarily outside of class.  It will be DUE MONDAY, OCTOBER 30th.  It will take at least 3 class days to go over the requirements of the project and to show students possible ideas for materials and subject matter.  Students will be required to show me a mask sketch starting next Monday, Oct. 9th.  The sketch will need to have a drawing of the mask, approximate sizes, materials that will be used and a list of any special thingsthat the mask may do.  I will have several Open Studios between this week and the 30th so that students can utilize the Art room and materials.  Those dates will come out later this week.

The last sketchbook assignment of the 1st quarter will be DUE THURSDAY, OCT. 12th. 


1) MONDAY, OCT. 2nd:  Sharpie Pattern Compositions DUE at the beginning of classAND Poster Club will be meeting after school in the Art room until approximately 4:00.

2)  WEDNESDAY, OCT. 4th:  Class Masses/ Schedule #3

3)  MONDAY, OCT. 9th:  I will begin looking at Mask Sketches.  Please double check requirements listed above and in your sketchbook.

4)  WEDNESDAY, OCT. 11th:  Freshmen Retreat.  No regular classes today.

5)  THURSDAY, OCT. 12th:  Sketchbook #3 is DUE at the beginning of class AND the BLINK Parade will be held downtown.  Any student who would like to participate by making and/ or carrying an eyeball lantern please see Mrs. Plagge.  

6)  TUESDAY, OCT. 24th:  Mercy/ Elder Art Club Halloween Party.  See News and Events for more information

7)  MONDAY, OCT. 30th:  Mask Projects are DUE at the beginning of class