10 Elements and Principles to be Photographed:

Once you have finished the definitions for the Elements and Principles of Art, the next step is to photograph an example of each of the words listed below.  You are trying to use the camera to find the CLEAREST and MOST INTERESTING composition that describes that word.  Think about different viewpoints and good composition.

1)      Color

2)     Line

3)     Texture

4)     Form

5)     Symmetric Balance

6)     Asymmetric Balance

7)     Radial Balance

8)     Emphasis

9)     Variety

10) Contrast

Once you have transferred all your pictures to your computer, you will create a Power Point that shows your BEST example of each of the Elements or Principles listed above.  Make sure each of the slides is labeled.  You then need to email Mrs. Plagge the PowerPoint by the end of the period on MONDAY, FEB. 27th.  Her email is plaggeka@elderhs.net.