Week of February 20-24th, 2017

Students will be starting the actual photographing part of the Elements and Principles Photography project this week.  Last week they worked from the website www.flyeschool.com in order to compile definitions and examples of the Elements and Principles of Design which they will be using as reference when they take pictures this week.  We have 5 cameras that students will be sharing over the week to take pictures of 10 of the Elements and Principles.  The challenge is to not only find a picture that describes or defines the Element or Principle, but to take a picture that has an unusual viewpoint or interesting concept.  When they don't have access to the camera they will be allowed to use their phones to continue taking pictures to add to their images.  Once everyone has had time with the cameras we will work on how to use their Picture function on their computer in order to edit and revise their photos.  They will then put their 10 best examples in a PowerPoint that they will turn into me next week.

On Friday, during 3rd period an Elder Alum, Scott Wolfram will be talking to the Art 1 and Industrial Design class about the work he is doing with his company.  See more information on the  "News and Events" tab on the website.   All art students are invited, but if they are not in 3rd period, they will need to get a form form me to get out of their 3rd period class to come.  


1) TUESDAY, FEB. 21st:  Elements and Principles Definitions are DUE at the beginning of class.

2)  FRIDAY, FEB. 24th:  Finish taking photographs.  During 3rd period, Scott Wolfram will be speaking to the art classes.

3)  MONDAY, FEB. 27th:  PowerPoint DUE of 10 BEST examples of the Elements and Principles that you took.

4)  FRIDAY, MARCH 3rd:  Sketchbook Assignment #3 is DUE

5) THURSDAY, MARCH 9th:  Art Club Speaker, Joe Hoffecker, will be in the Art room at 7:00 to speak about his work in Editorial cartooning.  See more information on the "News and Events"  tab.