Week of February 27th-March 3rd, 2017

This week students will be finishing up their photography projects by creating a Power Point.

The Power Point needs to have:  

  1. Title Slide with Name
  2.  10 images:  Color, Line, Texture, Form, Symmetric Balance, Asymmetric Balance, Radial Balance, Emphasis, Variety and Contrast.  Those images need to be labeled.  All images need to be different from one another.  They cannot use the same picture for multiple things.  
  3. They will also need 3 additional slides that have been changed in some way on their computer.  Those images may be ones from the 10 slides above.  Please EXPLAIN what you did to it on the slide.  That will be its label.
  4. The Power Point needs to be emailed to plaggeka@elderhs.net when finished.  Each class has a different deadline.  See Below.


  1. PERIOD 1: By the end of class on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1st:  Photography Power Point needs to be emailed to Mrs. Plagge.
  2. PERIOD 3:  Taking pictures through FRIDAY, MARCH 3rd.  Photography Power Point is DUE by the end of the period on TUESDAY, MARCH 7th.
  3. PERIOD 4:  Taking pictures through THURSDAY, MARCH 2nd.  Photography Power Point is DUE BEFORE class starts on TUESDAY, MARCH 7th.
  4. FRIDAY, MARCH 3rd:  Sketchbook Assignment #3 is DUE.  This is for ALL Art 1 classes.
  5. THURSDAY, MARCH 9th:  Joe Hoeffecker speaks to the Art Club at 7:00 in the Art room.  See "NEWS and EVENTS" tab for more information.