Week of March 13th-17th, 2017

On Monday the students will be presenting their Elements and Principles of Art Photography Power Points to the class.  The students did a great job photographing things around the school that were examples of the Elements and Principles of Art.  Look for the addition of those photos in the next couple of days on the Student Work section of the website.

We also finished creating a monoprint last Friday.  On Tuesday we will briefly talk about the process and the outcome of their pieces.  This project was our diving in point for printmaking and painting.  

I will introduce the next project on Tuesday or Wednesday.  This project will be a linoleum block print.  The project will mix the ideas of Expressionism and Social Conscience.  Wednesday and Thursday will be brainstorming and research days in order to help the students come up with a strong idea and composition for their print.  


1)  Any missing assignments need to be turned in by FRIDAY, MARCH 24th in order to receive credit for the 3rd quarter.

2)  TUESDAY, MARCH 21st:  Sketchbook Assignment #4 is DUE.  This is the last sketchbook assignment of the quarter.

3)  Catholic High School Art Exhibition entitled “Imagine Our Spirit” generously hosted by The Flats Art Gallery in the Price Hill Incline District will be held from March 25th – April 2nd.  See more information on the News and Events tab