Week of April 17th-April 21st, 2017Th

This week will be a bit of a disjointed week due to the testing days and being off on Monday.  We are going to do our best to keep on track.  Tuesday we will have a normal class period where students will begin discussing with me individually about their idea for the Bonanza project.  I would encourage any student who knows what they want to do to try and stop by either before school, during their lunch or if they are free during 2nd so they can get a start as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to get to everyone on Tuesday.  It will most likely take me to the end of the week to meet with all the students.

I will not see the students on Wednesday because of testing and only for a short class period on Thursday because of testing.  We will end the week with a normal class period.  

Starting on Tuesday, I will have several proofing stations and two press stations so that students can start on the printing process.  On either Tuesday or Thursday all students will be required to have a proof ready to be critiqued before starting the final printing process.  Below is what will be required of all students for the printmaking project:

PRINTMAKING CHECKLIST TO TURN IN AT THE END OF THE PROJECT (Please note:  These are MINIMUM requirements.  You can ALWAYS turn in more):

1)  Linoleum Plate 

2)  1 Black Ink Proof     

3)  2 (They should be identical or nearly) Clean Black Ink Prints on white paper (Not your Proof) that are signed.  I will show you how to correctly sign them when everyone is finished.      (These prints will be from the press, not hand pressed with a baren)

4)  Minimum of 2 Experimental Prints (We will discuss what makes print experimental) 


1)  TUESDAY, APRIL 18th:  Bonanza Sketch DUE.  Include sketch, sizes, material list and any other important information

2)  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19th:  Open Studio in the Art Room from 6-8 pm.

3)  SATURDAY, APRIL 22nd:  Freshman Dance

4)  WEDNESDAY, MAY 10th:  Pre-Bonanza Night.  Bonanza pieces can be dropped off between 6-8 pm directly in the volleyball gym.

5)  THURSDAY, MAY 11th:  BONANZA DAY!!  All Bonanzas need to be turned in by this date.

6)  SUNDAY, MAY 14th:  Art Show from 1-4 in the Volleyball/ Wrestling gym.