April 24th-28th, 2017

This week is all about finishing our prints.  The Checklist of prints due are listed below.  On Monday I will explain briefly what makes an experimental print.  The goal is to make as many interesting and creative prints as you can.  

I will also be speaking with some students on Monday who needed to figure out more about their Bonanza projects.  There is an Open Studio on Tuesday where students may work.  There will also be, at minimum, 2 more open studios in the next 2 weeks.  The dates and times will be determined in the next couple of days.

PRINTMAKING CHECKLIST TO TURN IN AT THE END OF THE PROJECT (Please note:  These are MINIMUM requirements.  You can ALWAYS turn in more):

1)  Linoleum Plate 

2)  1 Black Ink Proof     

3)  ONE  Clean Black Ink Prints on white paper (Not your Proof) that is signed.  I will show you how to correctly sign them when everyone is finished.      (This print will be from the press, not hand pressed with a baren)

4)  Minimum of 2 Experimental Prints (We will discuss what makes print experimental) 


1)  TUESDAY, APRIL 25th:  Open Studio in the Art room from 2:30-8:30.  Come and work on some printmaking and/or your Bonanza piece...REMEMBER, only 16 days until Bonanza Day!!! Only TWO more weekends.

2) THURSDAY, APRIL 27th:  Last official day to print in class.  Prints are DUE on MONDAY, MAY 1st. 

3)  FRIDAY, APRIL 28th:  ElderFest.  The Art room will be open all day to work.

4)  WEDNESDAY, MAY 10th:  Pre-Bonanza Night.  Bonanza pieces can be dropped off between 6-8 pm directly in the volleyball gym.

5)  THURSDAY, MAY 11th:  BONANZA DAY!!  All Bonanzas need to be turned in by this date.

6)  SUNDAY, MAY 14th:  Art Show from 1-4 in the Volleyball/ Wrestling gym.