BONANZA is a state of mind.  Think BIG in IDEA and/or SIZE.  It’s celebrating the end of a                                school year.  Think of it as an ART EXTRAVAGANZA!                                                                                       Think of it as a “Create-your-Own-Exam”. 

When you make your Bonanza for the Art Show,  you are exempt from your Art Exam period

You can approach it many different ways…Here are just a few: 

1) Make a piece that is related to your “regular” art, just ENLARGE it!  In SIZE or IDEA!


2) Make a piece where you try some new ideas/ media/technique- something that you have seen but haven’t been able to try yet…


3) Get an idea, and think about how to do it and then what to use…


4)Find out what materials you can get easily and cheaply, and then think about what subject matter fits that…

***You are certainly NOT limited to any of these ideas on this sheet…


***One partner is Okay, although the piece has to be twice as “Bonanzaish”.  Your partner doesn’t have to be in the same period/grade level as you.


Before getting into specific possibilities, one last “state of mind” thing----

Whatever you do, try hard, use your brain, use your energy.  Don’t be lazy.  Make sketches, look at books, go to the library.  It really is more fun to do a job that you’re proud of and feel good about yourself, than to let yourself and the rest of us down.  The Bonanza project is set up so that EVERYONE can SUCCEED if they try.


1)   TUESDAY, APRIL 18th- Have your sketches for the Bonanza, so that we can look over the boundless array of fascinating ideas…24 days until BONANZA DAY! (You may show me your sketch ANY TIME before this date)

2)  SATURDAY, APRIL 22nd- Freshmen Dance and only 20 days until BONANZA DAY!  Ask a girl and work on your project.

3)  FRIDAY, APRIL 28th-ElderFest and Art Open Studio all day long.  13 days until Bonanza Day.

4)  WEDNESDAY, MAY 10TH- PRE-BONANZA NIGHT- If it is easier to drop off your Bonanza the night before, the gym will be open from 6-8 pm. 

5)  THURSDAY, MAY 11TH- BONANZA DAY—This is the day that all the Bonanza pieces are brought in, excluding pieces too big to fit inside…It’s like Christmas Day in the Art Room!!! (If you’re absent or do not have it on THIS day your exam grade will suffer IMMENSELY!  AND you will have to come during your exam period.)

**The only Bonanzas not coming in May 11th are pieces that won’t fit in the school.  These are displayed on the day of the Art Show –They are to be set up by 12:30, and taken home by 4:30 that day.  (Failure to do this impacts negatively on your exam grade)

6)   SUNDAY, MAY 14th - THE ART SHOW- 1-4 pm- Bring your mom, your dad, your family, your girlfriend, your neighbors’ kids, your hedgehog- make it a celebration of great art!

***If you are able, please take your Bonanza home right after the Art Show ends.  The other option is to take it home either Monday (15th) or Tuesday (16th) either before or after school.  It needs to be removed from Elder’s premises by after school on Tuesday.  (Failure to do this impacts negatively on your exam grade) We have to have the gym empty by Tuesday so that the grade school volleyball tournament can be played.