Sketchbook Assignments for the 2nd Quarter

If you finish what we are currently working on in class, you are to pick one or more of the drawing assignments below and work on them (ideally) in your sketchbook. 

Everyone will have to pick 2 to turn in by the end of the 2nd quarter.  You will receive deadlines.  Any additional assignments finished will be considered extra credit. 

Remember to create a good finished composition.


1)  Draw something that represents your favorite song

2)  Cut out 5 objects/people from a magazine. Then reassemble them in an interesting and creative way that is completely unlike what they look like previously.  Glue them down and then create a background using whatever material works with the images.  (Look at Surrealism)

3)  Draw a landscape that shows your favorite weather.

4)  Draw a piece of popcorn (and enlarge it) and concentrate on the shading to show form.

5)  Draw tree bark up close using colored pencils to show texture and form.

6)  Use a sketchbook assignment from the 1st quarter.