Week of February 12th-16th, 2018

Monday we will start work on our next project.  This will be a digital photography project.  We will start off the week by creating a definition base for the Elements and Principles of Art.  We will be using the website www.flyeschool.com to find the definitions and examples for each of the words.  Students will have 2 class days to complete the worksheet.  It will need to be finished by the beginning of the class on WEDNESDAY, FEB. 14th.  On Wednesday, I will go over how to use the school cameras and how to take an interesting and strong photograph.  We have 4 school cameras that we will be using over the course of the next week and a half.  Students will receive a partner who they will work with as assistant and photographer over a course of 2 class periods.  They will be photographing the Elements and Principles of Art that can be found around the school.  This project will reinforce what we have been learning all year about strong composition.  

If a student has access to a digital camera they may bring it into school to work with on the project.  

I will also go over scheduling with students this week in class.  We will discuss what art class options they have going into next year.  Official scheduling starts this coming Friday, the 16th.


  1. MONDAY, FEB. 12th:  Poster Club will be meeting in the Art Room after school until approximately 4:00.  

  2. TUESDAY, FEB. 13th:  Sketchbook Assignment #2 (for the 3rd quarter) is DUE

  3. WEDNESDAY, FEB. 14th:  Ash Wednesday Mass during school.  Elements and Principles of Art Worksheet is DUE at the beginning of class.  We will start the introduction of how to use the camera.

  4. THURSDAY, FEB. 15th:  Students start photographing around school in pairs.

  5. FRIDAY, FEB. 16th:  Scheduling starts for next year.