Elements and Principles Photography Project

Once you have finished the definitions for the Elements and Principles of Art, the next step is to photograph an example of each of the words listed below.  You are trying to use the camera to find the CLEAREST and MOST INTERESTING composition that describes that word.  Think about different viewpoints, good composition and the Rule of Thirds (Tic Tac Toe Board).

1)     Color            

2)     Line  

3)     Texture          

4)    Form 

5)    Symmetric Balance

6)    Asymmetric Balance

7)    Emphasis        

8)    Variety         

9)    Contrast

10)    Movement     

11)     Repetition

At the end of each period you need to make sure that you give yourself enough time to get back and upload your pictures onto your computer.  Once you have transferred all your pictures to your computer, you will create a Power Point that:

1)    Has a Title slide with your name on it.

2)    Shows your example/photograph of each of the Elements or Principles listed above (11 in total).  These are images that are NOT digitally manipulated in any way.  Make sure each of the slides is labeled.  

3)    IN ADDITION, you will have TWO photographs that you will have manipulated on Photoshop or Windows Photo Editor. Make sure you put on the slide what you did to the photograph.

4)    There will be a total of 14 slides in your Power Point.  Always remember that Mrs. Plagge loves creativity…

When you finish your Power Point you will need to email it to me.  My email is plaggeka@elderhs.net.