Week of October 9th-13th, 2017 (Mrs. Plagge)

AP guys are working on a Self Portrait project that will be DUE FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13th.

This is the last week of the first quarter, which is incredibly difficult to believe.  If there are any sketchbook assignments or projects that students have not turned in yet or would like to rework for this quarter they need to be turned in to me by class time on FRIDAY, OCT. 13th.   

I have also offered an extra credit assignment to the students.  If anyone would like to participate in the BLINK Parade on THURSDAY, OCT. 12th by carrying one of the lanterns that we have painted they will receive a FULL point onto their Quarter average for the 1st quarter.  If they are interested they need to sign up in the Art Room or see me by homeroom on Thursday.  Parents are welcome to walk with us as well.  We need to be in our staging area by 6:00 pm for the start of the parade at 7:00pm.  I plan to meet at Elder at 5:15 to head downtown.  For more information go to http://www.blinkcincinnati.com/


  1. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10th:  Open Studio from 2:30 until 7:00 pm in the Art Room. 

  2. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12th:  BLINK Parade We have all the lanterns painted.  We are looking for students who would be able to represent Elder in the parade on THURSDAY, Oct. 12th by carrying a lantern.  If you have family or friends that would like to walk with us, they are very welcome.  We will most likely have a few extra lanterns available for them to carry.  If you would like to participate on Thursday, we need you to either email me back by Wednesday evening or sign up on the sheet hanging on the white board before homeroom on Thursday. 

    If we have enough interest we can carpool downtown from Elder.  We need to be at our spot for the parade by 6:00pm.  We should be back no later than 8:30pm.

  3. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13th:  Last Day of the 1st Quarter.  Any work that you are missing or would like to rework is DUE TODAY!   ALSO-- Sketchbook Assignment # 8 is DUE

  4. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19th: Open Studio from 5:00-8:00pm in the Art Room. 

  5. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24th:  Mercy/Elder Art Club Halloween Party at Mercy from 6-8:30pm.  More specific information will be on the art website (elderartdept.com) under News and Events by next week.

  6. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25th:   Tentative Open Studio with times to be announced next week.

Week of October 2nd-6th, 2017


1) MONDAY, OCT. 2nd:   Poster Club will be meeting after school in the Art room until approximately 4:00.

2)  WEDNESDAY, OCT. 4th:  Class Masses/ Schedule #3

3)  FRIDAY, OCT, 6th:  Sketchbook #7 is DUE 

4)  WEDNESDAY, OCT. 11th:  Freshmen Retreat/ PSAT for Sophomores and Juniors.  No regular classes today.  No School for Seniors

5)  THURSDAY, OCT. 12th:  The BLINK Parade will be held downtown.  Any student who would like to participate by making and/ or carrying an eyeball lantern please see Mrs. Plagge. 

6)  FRIDAY, OCT. 13th:  Sketchbook #8 is DUE.  End of the 1st Quarter 

7)  TUESDAY, OCT. 24th:  Mercy/ Elder Art Club Halloween Party.  See News and Events for more information

Week of September 25th-29th, 2017 (Mrs. Plagge)


1)  TUESDAY, SEPT. 26th:  Art Club/Open Studio is from 2:30-8:00pm in the Art Room.  The room will be available to make your own art or participate in the Lantern Project for the BLINK parade that was discussed at the first Art Club meeting.  

If you want to be  a part of the Lantern project, but are unable to make it on Tuesday please see Mrs. Plagge or Mr. Buetsche in the Art Room by the 26th.

2)  FRIDAY, SEPT. 29th:  Sketchbook Assignment # 6 is DUE

3)  MONDAY, OCT. 2nd:  Self Portrait Composition DUE at the beginning of class.  ALSO, the Poster Club meeting in the Art room from 2:30 until 4 or 4:30

4)  FRIDAY, OCT. 6th:  Sketchbook Assignment # 7 DUE

4)  THURSDAY, OCT. 12th:  BLINK Cincinnati parade

Week of September 18th-22nd, 2017 (Mrs. Plagge)

After 2 days of critiques on the "Beginning" projects, we are finally ready to move on with the Self Portrait project.  I will hopefully be uploading the images from the project onto the website soon.  I have a small issue with my photo program on my computer that I have to get fixed.  I apologize for the delay.  The students did a really amazing job on the "Beginning" project.  Grades should be updated by midweek.  

I will be introducing the history of Self Portraits and what I will be asking the students to do with this coming project on Monday.  Students will start working on exercises to practice drawing eyes, noses, mouths and ears in their sketchbooks.  Those drawings will be DUE at the end of the class period on THURS., SEPT. 21st.  Students will then be asked to  photograph themselves in an expressive way to use for their self portrait.  By Friday they should start work on the real self portrait piece. 


1)  MONDAY, SEPT. 18th:  Poster Club will be meeting in the Art Room after school until around 4:00.  Come Join Us!

2)  WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 20th:  Schedule #2 (Sophomores meet with advisors at 1:49) 

3)  THURSDAY, SEPT. 21st:  Four eyes, ears, noses and mouths drawn in your sketchbook DUE at the end of the class period.

4)  FRIDAY, SEPT. 22nd:  Sketchbook Assignment #5 DUE

Week of September 11th-15th, 2017 (Mrs. Plagge)

Students will have through Wednesday to finish up their "Beginning" projects.  We will have a critique on Thursday, the 14th.  We will be focusing on what they will want to do for their concentration.  They will be looking at resources provided by AP Central to start generating ideas if they haven't yet.  


1)  TUESDAY, SEPT. 12th:  First Art Club Meeting of the year.  It will be held in the Art Room after school.  It should last about 45 minutes.  There will be a discussion on creating a quarter zip this year for the Art Club.  Snacks and drinks will be provided.  All are welcome!

2)  THURSDAY, SEPT. 14th:  "Beginning" Project is DUE at the beginning of class

3)  FRIDAY, SEPT. 15th:  Sketchbook Assignment #4 is DUE

4)  MONDAY, SEPT. 18th:  Poster Club will be meeting in the Art Room after school.  Artists are needed!  It usually lasts until 4.

5)  FRIDAY, SEPT. 22nd:  Sketchbook Assignment #5 is DUE

First Semester Sketchbook Assignments (Mrs. Plagge)

                          AP Studio Art (1st period)            Mrs. Plagge

Some Advice:

  • These sketches are an interpretation of the prompt and media used in their completion is up to you.
  • Each sketch should be worked on for more than a half-hour.
  • They could be hand drawn, digitally created, or even done with collage.
  • Consider using media that will help improve your Breadth section or even your Concentration.
  • Each week your sketchbook will be collected.
  • You may always work ahead and are encouraged to add additional writings, drawings and inspiration in the sketchbook.


Complete the following sketchbook assignments by the specified date.

PROMPTS:                                                                                                          DUE DATE:

1)    Draw a masked man or woman that is not a superhero                                 8/25

2)    Draw a family portrait.  PLOT TWIST: Instead of drawing                              9/1

the people, draw an item that represents everyone in your

family like a still life    

3)    Draw an animal eating another animal                                                            9/8

4)    Draw a dead bird in a beautiful landscape                                                     9/15

5)    Draw the ingredients or process of your favorite recipe                               9/22

6)    Draw the interior of a mechanical object.  Zoom in, focus                            9/29

on details and shading                              

7)     Draw an object with an interesting texture:  wood grain,                              10/6

Floors, tiles, walls, fabric, etc.                       

8)    Draw your favorite well-loved object or childhood toy                                  10/13

9)    Draw an interesting object from three different angles                                 10/20

10)  Draw whatever is in your pocket or book bag using one                               10/27

continuous line

11)   Do several studies of eyes, noses, and mouths in a variety                             11/3

of poses

12)   Draw an object floating                                                                                    11/17

13)    Make a drawing that looks sticky                                                                    12/1

14)    Draw a mysterious doorway or staircase                                                        12/8

15)    Draw a gumball machine that dispenses anything except                            12/15



Before January

  1.  Identify ideas, materials, and processes you want to explore and investigate. Research and experiment with concepts and techniques.
  2.  Plan and create works of art for your portfolio.
  3.  View, discuss, and critique sample portfolios on AP Central. Consider the questions here as you plan your portfolio: collegeboard.org/thinkingaboutart.
  4.  Become familiar with scoring guidelines: collegeboard.org/studioart-scoreguide. 
  5.  Document your thinking, learning, and creative processes as you work. Share your work and ask for constructive feedback.
  6.  Think about how your work for the Range of Approaches section can inform your Sustained Investigation section.
  7.  Capture digital images of your artworks guided by the image recommendations and requirements outlined in this brochure and here: collegeboard.org/student/ studioartdigital.
  8.  Continually evaluate your work using the AP Studio Art Scoring Guidelines: collegeboard.org/studioart-scoreguide.      

January and February

  1.  Log in to the Digital Submission Web Application as soon as your teacher — or AP coordinator, if you’re home-schooled — provides access information. Check with your teacher or coordinator if you don’t have this information by early February.

  2.  Make sure to select the correct type of portfolio (2-D Design, 3-D Design, or Drawing). Selecting the correct portfolio type is very important, as it affects how the portfolio is scored.

  3.  Begin uploading images as soon as possible after accessing the application, so you and your teacher can monitor the development of your portfolio. You can always add, delete, or rearrange images later.

March and April

  1. Confirm the deadline to submit your final digital portfolio to your teacher (or AP coordinator).

  2.  2-D Design or Drawing: Confirm the date for assembly of the Selected Works (Quality) section with your teacher or AP coordinator.

  3.  The AP coordinator should provide you with information from your AP Student Pack (your AP number and a list of college codes) sometime in April. You need this information before you can forward your digital portfolio to your teacher.

  4.  Submit your finalized digital portfolio to your teacher or AP coordinator by the established deadline.

  5.  After you forward your portfolio to your teacher or AP coordinator, sign back in to the web application occasionally to view your portfolio’s status and to ensure that your coordinator forwards your portfolio to the AP Program by 8 p.m. ET on May 11, 2018. Only coordinators can take this final step, and only portfolios that have a “Sent to AP” status at the time of this deadline will be received by the AP Program and scored.


  1. ¨ Your teacher will forward your completed digital portfolio to the AP coordinator before May 11.
  2.  Your AP coordinator will forward your digital portfolio to the AP Program, using the web application, by 8 p.m. ET on May 11.

  3.  2-D Design or Drawing: On or before May 11, your teacher or coordinator will gather students for the assembly of the Selected Works (Quality) section (the physical portfolio component).


Follow the links below to your respective portfolio guidelines:



On this site you will be able to access specific information about building your portfolio as well as examples of past superior portfolio examples that will help you understand what is needed to create a strong portfolio.

**Remember that the AP Portfolio date is MAY 11th

Week of September 4th-8th, 2017 (Mrs. Plagge)

After a longer than anticipated hiatus form their projects, this week students will go back to work on their "Beginning" project.  I have extended the deadline for the AP guys because of the megaphone project.  It is now DUE on WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 13th.


1)  TUESDAY, SEPT. 5th:  Poster Club meeting in the Art room.  It is after school until approximately 4:30.  Students do not need to stay the whole time.  ***It is also an out of uniform day to benefit Hurricane Harvey victims-minimum donation of $3.

2)  WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 6th:  Meet the Teacher Night - 7:00-9:00 pm

3)  FRIDAY, SEPT. 8th:  Sketchbook Assignment #3 is DUE

4)  WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 13th:  "Beginning" project DUE at the beginning of class

5)  TUESDAY, SEPT. 12th:  First Art Club Meeting of the year!!  It will be after school in the Art room until about 3:30.  Come and help out with organizing the activities that you want the Art Club to do this year.

6)  FRIDAY, SEPT. 15th:  Sketchbook Assignment #4 is DUE