First Semester Sketchbook Assignments (Mrs. Plagge)

                          AP Studio Art (1st period)            Mrs. Plagge

Some Advice:

  • These sketches are an interpretation of the prompt and media used in their completion is up to you.
  • Each sketch should be worked on for more than a half-hour.
  • They could be hand drawn, digitally created, or even done with collage.
  • Consider using media that will help improve your Breadth section or even your Concentration.
  • Each week your sketchbook will be collected.
  • You may always work ahead and are encouraged to add additional writings, drawings and inspiration in the sketchbook.


Complete the following sketchbook assignments by the specified date.

PROMPTS:                                                                                                          DUE DATE:

1)    Draw a masked man or woman that is not a superhero                                 8/25

2)    Draw a family portrait.  PLOT TWIST: Instead of drawing                              9/1

the people, draw an item that represents everyone in your

family like a still life    

3)    Draw an animal eating another animal                                                            9/8

4)    Draw a dead bird in a beautiful landscape                                                     9/15

5)    Draw the ingredients or process of your favorite recipe                               9/22

6)    Draw the interior of a mechanical object.  Zoom in, focus                            9/29

on details and shading                              

7)     Draw an object with an interesting texture:  wood grain,                              10/6

Floors, tiles, walls, fabric, etc.                       

8)    Draw your favorite well-loved object or childhood toy                                  10/13

9)    Draw an interesting object from three different angles                                 10/20

10)  Draw whatever is in your pocket or book bag using one                               10/27

continuous line

11)   Do several studies of eyes, noses, and mouths in a variety                             11/3

of poses

12)   Draw an object floating                                                                                    11/17

13)    Make a drawing that looks sticky                                                                    12/1

14)    Draw a mysterious doorway or staircase                                                        12/8

15)    Draw a gumball machine that dispenses anything except                            12/15