Art completes what nature cannot bring to finish. The artist gives us knowledge of nature's unrealized ends.

–  Aristotle


The Art Department of Elder High School was founded on the principle that the study of fine art is vital to one’s educational transformation. In the decades since its inception, countless number of artists, craftsman, designers, photographers, architects, filmmakers and art educators have emerged from this program.  The necessity for creativity minds in our society demands that our curriculum be based on the fusion of project-based instruction and concept-based pedagogy.  For us, the artistic process begins with the young man himself: his strengths and his weaknesses.  Introduction to composition, Elements & Principles of Art & Design as well as diverse styles of art-making are presented throughout the foundation year.  Our students explore the differences between media and techniques to communicate ideas, solve problems and inevitably find solutions to major issues affecting our community and world-at-large.  Through the fine arts, students begin to understand their individual aesthetic response, how to interact with art and design in a variety of environments, and to make multi-media inquiries about how to illustrate their personal beliefs.  Students study processes and a variety of art subject matter such as the functions of drawing, functions and character of digital technology, film and installation.


We emphasize process over product that, in the end, will inevitably have a more profound meaning to our lives. Our classes involve studio practice, individual research, reading, writing, and the maintaining of a sketchbook as core components to the instruction they receive in the art room.Throughout their time at Elder, students will work in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital animation, site-specific work, and digital photography. Our instruction employs fine arts, pragmatic design, and sustainability as functions of traditional and contemporary cultural systems of art to address all core concepts and essential understandings outlined in the state standards.Our students become the creators, makers and innovators of our world and as art educators we will wholeheartedly strive to carry on this department’s fine legacy.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Elder Art Department, please contact us:

David Buetsche:

Classes: AP Studio Art: 2D Design, AP Studio Art: Drawing, Digital Photography, Industrial Design & 2D Studio I.


Kim Plagge:

Classes: Fundamentals of Art, 2D Studio I and AP Studio Art: Drawing.