Week of May 1st-6th, 2016

This week we will continue working on making our 2-dimensional Generative Drawings into 3-dimensional wire sculptures.  The goal will be to finish the sculptures by Friday.  

I still need to see Bonanza sketches from many of you!  A little over 2 weeks until Bonanza is DUE!

Deadlines and Dates:

  1. FRIDAY, MAY 6th:  Generative Sculpture finished                                           
  2. WEDNESDAY, MAY 18th:  Bonanza Drop off in the evening
  3. THURSDAY, MAY 19th:  BONANZA DAY!!  (This is your final exam.  Make sure it is in on time and shows what you can do)
  4. SUNDAY, MAY 22nd:  Art Show, 1-4 

April 19th-April 29th, 2016

Testing has really slowed us down over the past week.  I am hoping to get back on track starting tomorrow.  I will be looking at Bonanza sketches tomorrow.  Bonanza Day is only 30 days away!  

We will continue working on the Generative drawings.  The students are really coming up with very unique solutions on how to complete their drawings.  The drawings should be finished by TUESDAY, APRIL 26th.  We will have a critique and then move onto the sculptural project that is also based on one of the Generative drawings. 


  1. WEDNESDAY, MAY 20th:  Bonanza Sketch DUE
  2. MONDAY, APRIL 25th:  NO SCHOOL for teacher in service (Great time to work on your BONANZA!) 
  3.  APRIL 2oth-22nd :  Working on Generative Drawing
  4. TUESDAY, APRIL 26th:  Generative Drawing DUE
  5. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27th-28th:  Start work on sculptural version of Generative Drawing
  6. FRIDAY, APRIL 29th:  Elderfest
  7. WEDNESDAY, MAY 18th:  Bonanza Drop off in the evening
  8. THURSDAY, MAY 19th:  BONANZA DAY!!  (This is your final exam.  Make sure it is in on time and shows what you can do)
  9. SUNDAY, MAY 22nd:  Art Show 1-4

Week of April 11th-15th, 2016

On Friday of last week we started on a new project focusing on Generative Art.  We looked at work by artists, Sol Le Witt, Jason Tarbell, Hans Haacke and more.  The common factor of Generative Art is the methodology of the production, not the style or the end result.  Our methodology is the rolling of dice.  We are utilizing the strength and movement of lines in order to create an interesting composition.  On Monday, we will be finishing up the initial process of drawing the lines and talk about the next step of developing one of the drawings.

The Process of the Generative Art Project:

  1. Everyone will receive a dice.
  2. Everyone will start with 3 18" x 24" pieces of white paper, a marker and a yardstick.
  3. You will roll the dice 10 times.  You will follow the instructions connected with the numbers rolled.
  4. You will create 3 separate compositions, rolling the dice 10 times each.
  5. You will choose one of the pieces to develop further with your choice of drawing medium.
  6. One of the drawings will also be developed into a 3-dimensional wire sculpture.


  1. TUESDAY, APRIL 12th:  Sketchbook Assignment DUE (Draw something that shows your presence in a room, but you are not physically there)

  2. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20th:  Bonanza Sketch DUE (you may show me the sketch PRIOR to the 20th so you can start working on it)

  3. THURSDAY, MAY 19th:  BONANZA DAY!!!!!  Your Bonanza must be turned in this day.  Only exceptions are Big Head Wrestlers and pieces too big to fit into the gym.

  4. SUNDAY, MAY 22nd:  Art Show, 1-4, with Big Head Wrestling matches throughout.



Week of March 14th-18th, 2016

This week we will continue work on our new project introduced last week:  Spirit Animal Drawing.  All sketches should be finished by Tuesday at the end of the period.  I will demonstrate oil pastel techniques Tuesday so that the students will be able to start to incorporate the color and texture of their chosen spirit animal onto their pencil drawn self portrait.  

The process of the drawing is as follows below:

  1. Choose what animal you will use
  2. Make 2-3 sketches of your chosen animal in your sketchbook with at least ONE in color.
  3. Students will need to decide how their chosen animal will be incorporated into or onto their own self portrait.
  4. The combined image will be sketched out onto a 12" x 18" piece of colored pencil.
  5. The animal will be made using oil pastels.  


  1. MONDAY, MARCH 21st:  Sketchbook assignment DUE:  Draw something with wings (You need to use color)

  2. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23rd:  End of the 3rd Quarter

  3. MARCH 11th-APRIL 8th:  Catholic High Schools Art Exhibition at the Flats Gallery.  More information on Gallery hours and location in the NEWS AND EVENTS section.



Week of February 29th-March 4th, 2016

Last week we began work on a new assignment.  

Repetition with Variation

Students were asked to create a series of 9 miniature drawings of an object.  The object was their choice.

The Process of the project is to investigate the object from a series of sides, angles and distances.  The drawing will be a compilation of 9 separate images of that one object.  It will be drawn on a 11” x 11” piece of paper that is evenly separated into 9 equal squares. The goal is to draw the object by designating no more than 5% of the entire piece with white. (Reserve the white for the brightest, brightest, brightest highlights.)  Students will be asked to push the darkest-darks so their object and lights pop out.  They also will need to vary line weight and consider the balance of the piece as a whole.

On Monday, I will be demonstrating how to use the different drawing pencils and how they can change the way you see a drawing.


  1. FRIDAY, MARCH 4th-  Sketchbook Assignment DUE:  Create a composition that expresses Broken or Damaged.

  2. MONDAY, MARCH 7th- "Variation by Repetition"  Drawing DUE

Week of February 15th-19th

This week we will continue work on our drawings inspired by the figurative work of Mark Demsteader.  The drawings are coming along very nicely.  The students began integrating charcoal into their pieces at the end of last week.  The pieces should be finished by the end of the week.

ELECTIVE ART COURSES available to students who have finished Art Studio 1: (Scheduling begins this week)

All elective Art classes are one semester.  Students are able to take two consecutive semester classes to keep art for a full year in their schedule.  If you have any questions at all about the classes please feel free to contact Mrs. Plagge of Mr. Buetsche.  

The Elective Art classes are:  Digital Photography, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking, Senior Art and AP Drawing and 2-D Design.


  1. FRIDAY, FEB. 19th:  Sketchbook assignment DUE.  Create a composition in your sketchbook that shows what you think the word "Revolution" means.
  2. FRIDAY, FEB. 19th:  Figure Drawing based upon Mark Demsteader DUE at the end of the period.

Week of February 1st-5th, 2015

Welcome to the second semester and a new class of Drawing students!  We started last week with talking about the power of line and how it can transform whatever it is that you are drawing."...Paul Klee described drawing as "taking a line for a walk."

 Line is the fundamental drawing technique and you can use it to produce pictures of the utmost sophistication or simplicity."

 That's exactly what we were doing last week with exercises using different types of lines.  We then moved onto looking at some of Mark Demsteader's beautiful studies of figures.  His work is our inspiration for our current drawing.  Each student has picked someone that they idolize in the sport that they play and has found a photo of them in motion.  This week they will be drawing that photo onto cardboard using a calligraphy pen.  They will start with only the most basic of contour lines to show the movement and essential detail.  They will then begin to add both black and white charcoal to help flesh out the figure, not by using lines, but by creating form.  They will also begin to experiment with taking away some of the layers of cardboard to add to the texture of the drawing.


  1.   MONDAY, FEB. 1st:  Name Tags DUE/ Boards will be hung

  2.  FRIDAY, FEB. 5th:  Sketchbook assignment DUE :  Draw a picture of someone you love.  Media should be pencil.  Composition should be in your sketchbook.

Week of January 11th-15th, 2016

At the end of last week we started work on Figure Drawing.  We were very lucky to have another student model for us on Thursday and Friday.  From the sketches and photos that we drew and took, the students were asked to make at least one finished Figure drawing.  A variety of media was used in the process.  The students will choose their choice of media to complete this work.

The semester exam project is DUE by the exam period, which is TUESDAY, JAN. 19th from 10:15-1:15.  If a student has a 90% average or better, they will be exempt from the exam period, however, they will still need to turn in their finished work by the exam period..


  1. MONDAY, JAN. 11th- Last Open Studio before the end of the semester from 2:30-4:30 in the Art Rm.
  2. THURSDAY, JAN. 14th- Finished Figure Drawing DUE
  3. TUESDAY, JAN. 19th- Exam period from 10:15-1:15

Week of January 4th-8th, 2016

                      Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times.                                     It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic.

-Keith Haring

Welcome Back!  This week we will be focusing on Figure Drawing.  We will be doing some initial warm up exercises on Monday and Tuesday.  We will take a break on Wednesday so that I can speak with the students individually about their mid-term exam sketches or in progress compositions. On Thursday, we will pick up with Figure Drawing and focusing on what will be the final drawing of the semester.


  1. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 6th- Sketches or In Progress Composition for Mid-tern Exam
  2. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 6th- Open Studio from 6:00-8:30 in the evening in the Art Rm.  
  3. MONDAY, JAN. 11th- Open Studio from 2:30-4:30 in the Art Rm.


Week of December 21st-December 25th, 2015

During the two days that we have this week, the students will continue work on their drawings based on our visit to St. William's Chapel.  These drawings will be due at the end of the period Tuesday, Dec. 22nd.  They may also continue doing some research and sketching for their semester exam .


  1. MONDAY, DEC. 21st-  Annual Art Club Christmas Party from 6:00-8:30 in the Art room.
  2. TUESDAY, DEC. 22nd- Drawing from St. William's Chapel DUE at the end of the period
  3. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6th- Sketch or In Progress for Semester Exam DUE

Week of December 7th-11th, 2015

The last day to work on the Candy colored pencil pieces will be Monday.  We will have a critique on the pieces on Tuesday.

Starting on Wednesday, students will begin development of one their sketches made from our visit to St. William's Chapel.  They will continue work on this piece the rest of the week.


  1. TUESDAY night, DEC. 8th- Art Open Studio in the Art room from 6:30-9:00.  All art students are welcome to come and work.  Students are welcome to come at any point.

  2. TUESDAY, DEC. 8th- Candy Colored Pencil Piece DUE for critique

  3. DATE TBA for next week- Annual Art Club Christmas Party

Week of November 23rd-25th, 2015

This week we will be taking a small break away from the work on the colored pencil piece. On Monday we will be traveling to St. William's Chapel in order to find inspiration for our next project.  We will have the opportunity to leave campus and draw from the architecture of the chapel.  The goal is to come away with enough sketches, pictures and information in order to create an exciting architectural drawing after Thanksgiving.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we will continue work on the Candy Colored Pencil piece.  The pieces are coming along slow, but really beautifully.  I have extended the deadline so that the students will have enough time to finish it the way they have started it...thoughtfully and well crafted.

We are in need of students who could do face painting at St. Lawrence Hall on Thanksgiving morning.  This is the end of the Price Hill Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Students would be needed from 9:45 until 12:15.  This is a great opportunity for community service hours.


  1. THURSDAY, DEC. 3rd-  Sketchbook Assignment DUE ("Draw something that you are thankful for")
  2. FRIDAY, DEC. 4th-  Candy Colored Pencil Piece DUE

Week of November 16th-20th, 2015

This week we will continue work on the Candy Still Life Colored Pencil composition.  The deadline has been extended until the end of the week due to some changes in the school schedule last week.  Students have been experimenting with layering and blending of colored pencils on both white and black paper to see which base will work for their composition.

Field trip permission slips went home today.  Please return those by Friday.  The class will be visiting St. William's Chapel on Monday, November 23rd in order draw the interior of the building.  This field trip will be the inspiration for our next drawing assignment.


  1. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20th- Candy Still Life Composition DUE/ Permission slips for Field trip are also DUE  *DATE EXTENDED*
  2. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24th- Sketchbook Assignment DUE  *DATE EXTENDED*

Week of November 9-13th, 2015

On Monday of this week we will wrap up our Animal Wire Sculpture project with a short class critique.  We will then begin work on our next drawing assignment.  

The Challenge for the Candy Still Life Drawing will be:

  • To take some leftover Halloween candy and to create an interesting composition based on the placement of the items.
  • The students will each arrange the candy as a Still life.
  • The students will be using colored pencils to create strong and layered colors that will give the objects FORM.
  • The drawing will be done on either a white or black piece of 9’ x 12” paper.


  1. TUESDAY NOV. 10th:  Sketchbook Assignment Due.  (Draw something that you can't live without)
  2. BY FRIDAY, NOV. 13th:  Field Trip Form signed by parent for church field trip.
  3.  MONDAY, NOV. 16th:  Candy Still Life drawing Due


    Week of October 19-23, 2015

    The Drawing students will finish up the printing process with their linoleum blocks by Wednesday.  They have been experimenting with different colors, textures and positioning of their prints.  On Thursday they should all have 5 prints to turn in. (Specifics below).  

    On Thursday, they may use either one of their animal or person drawings to create a small wire sculpture created only by line.  If you have wire cutters, please bring them to class on Thursday.


    1. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 21st- Sketchbook Assignment due...create an architectural structure inspired by an organic form.
    2. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22nd- 5 Prints due: 1 Good Black ink on white paper print and 4 good experimental prints.

    Week of October 12-16, 2015

    This week we will be finishing up the printing portion of the Line project.  The week will be dedicated to pulling as many good prints as we can starting off with a clean black ink on white paper print.  The students are encouraged to experiment with color and base material throughout the week to create one of a kind prints.


    1. FRIDAY, OCT. 16th-  Finished signed prints are due at the end of the period.  Everyone will need to turn in at least ONE good black ink on white paper, as well as, FOUR good prints using different colors and bases.

    Week of October 5-9, 2015

    Simplicity of Line

    The students did beautifully last week stripping down their subject matter to its essence.  This week they will continue that transformation on a smaller scale so that it may be transferred to a linoleum block for printing.  Once transferred, they will begin cutting to create a print from their original drawing.  The goal is to have the linoleum cut out by the end of the week so that we may begin the printing process.


    1. Sketchbook Assignment DUE FRIDAY, OCT. 9th.  Draw 5 animals using only simple lines in your sketchbook.  Find their essence!
    2. Transfer Simplified Line of Person onto linoleum by Thursday. (10/8)

    Week of September 28-October 2, 2015

    “Matisse makes a drawing, then he makes a copy of it. He copies it five times, ten times, always clarifying the line. He’s convinced that the last, the most stripped down, is the best, the purest, the definitive one; and in fact, most of the time, it was the first. In drawing, nothing is better than the first attempt.”
    - Pablo Picasso


    Monday of this week the students will finish up their rope drawings.  We will have a critique on both the drawings and their sketchbook assignment that was due this past Friday on Tuesday.  

    On Wednesday we will begin a new project focusing on the simplicity of line.  We will be looking at the work of Picasso and Matisse to serve as inspiration for this project.  Our subject matter will be "Faces that are interesting to us".  After creating their line drawings, they will translate that drawing into print form and then transition it from 2-D to 3-D through the use of wire.


    1. Find 3 pictures of people that you find interesting.  The pictures need to be printed out or already on paper.  They are DUE WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 30th. 
    2. The 3 Line Drawings will be DUE by the end of the period on FRIDAY OCTOBER 2nd.  This is Part 1 of the Line Project.