Week of November 9-13th, 2015

On Monday of this week we will wrap up our Animal Wire Sculpture project with a short class critique.  We will then begin work on our next drawing assignment.  

The Challenge for the Candy Still Life Drawing will be:

  • To take some leftover Halloween candy and to create an interesting composition based on the placement of the items.
  • The students will each arrange the candy as a Still life.
  • The students will be using colored pencils to create strong and layered colors that will give the objects FORM.
  • The drawing will be done on either a white or black piece of 9’ x 12” paper.


  1. TUESDAY NOV. 10th:  Sketchbook Assignment Due.  (Draw something that you can't live without)
  2. BY FRIDAY, NOV. 13th:  Field Trip Form signed by parent for church field trip.
  3.  MONDAY, NOV. 16th:  Candy Still Life drawing Due