Week of December 14th-December 18th

With the last full week of school before Christmas break, we will be finishing up the drawing that came from our field trip to Sr. William's Chapel.  The students had a number of sketches and pictures that have and will provide information and inspiration to create a finished composition.  The choice of media is theirs to decide what would work for the best possible solution.  These drawings will be due by next Tuesday, December 22nd.

On Monday, I will introduce what the Semester Drawing exam will be.  The drawing will be based on the "Impossible" Building photo collages of photographer Filip Dujardin.  More specific information will be at the bottom of this post.


  1. TUESDAY, DEC. 22nd- Drawing from St. William's Chapel DUE
  2. MONDAY, DEC. 22nd-  Art Club Christmas Party


—“Filip Dujardin invents persepctive-baffling, logic-defying interiors by manipulating digital images.  Mr. Dujardin calls his tall buildings “Fictions”, which they are likely to remain.”

—Your Challenge:

  1. —To work in the style of photographer Filip Dujardin.

  2. —You will take photographs or images of multiple different types of buildings.

  3. —Take close up shots and different angles

  4. —Then from your photos create an “impossible” building collage.

  5. —Finally, draw this collage using your choice of media.

  6. Size can be between 10”x 14” to 18”x 24”.

  7. —Finished piece will need to be matted…we will review after Christmas

The Exam period will be Tuesday, January 19th from 10:15-1:15.