Week of September 21-25, 2015

Last week in class we began work on a new drawing that was inspired by the work of Canadian artist, Huguette Despault May.  Her illustrated highly detailed renderings of knotted and twisted ropes were  inspired by old pieces of Korean War era ropes.  The series is titled: “Hawser Series”.

Each student received a paper with 2 different emotions.  They were then given access to 3 different sizes of rope.  Their challenge is to create a very detailed graphite drawing using the rope to portray the emotion they chose.   

They created sketches at the end of last week and will be working on their final drawing this week during class.  Their focus will be on form, shading and texture to create a  very realistic drawing.

DEADLINES: 1) Rope Drawing- DUE Monday, September 28th  

                       2)  Sketchbook Assignment (Draw something from an unusual point of view)-                                                          DUE Friday, September 25th