Week of September 7-11th, 2015

      This course will challenge the student at any level of artistic ability. This course is a foundation for all other courses.

    “The act of drawing is timeless.  Although mediums, techniques and concepts have changed, the use of marks and tones has always been the foundation on which drawings are made…As in any endeavor, improvement comes with practice and repetition.  Eye hand coordination and sensitivity to mediums may be developed through experience.
    …Whatever the motive, drawing is something that everyone can enjoy and grow with.  It takes only desire and practice, practice and more practice.”    -Craig Nelson

DEADLINES:  1)  Sketchbook Assignment DUE WED., 9/9..."Every drawing tells a story...what is                                  your story?"

                        2)  Smashed Face charcoal drawing DUE FRIDAY, 9/11

This week the class will continue work on their charcoal drawings of their faces.  They will be concentrating on creating the highlights by erasing into the charcoal already laid down on the paper.  In essence, they are working in reverse from traditional shading in order to accentuate the lights instead of the darks.