Week of February 1st-5th, 2015

Welcome to the second semester and a new class of Drawing students!  We started last week with talking about the power of line and how it can transform whatever it is that you are drawing."...Paul Klee described drawing as "taking a line for a walk."

 Line is the fundamental drawing technique and you can use it to produce pictures of the utmost sophistication or simplicity."

 That's exactly what we were doing last week with exercises using different types of lines.  We then moved onto looking at some of Mark Demsteader's beautiful studies of figures.  His work is our inspiration for our current drawing.  Each student has picked someone that they idolize in the sport that they play and has found a photo of them in motion.  This week they will be drawing that photo onto cardboard using a calligraphy pen.  They will start with only the most basic of contour lines to show the movement and essential detail.  They will then begin to add both black and white charcoal to help flesh out the figure, not by using lines, but by creating form.  They will also begin to experiment with taking away some of the layers of cardboard to add to the texture of the drawing.


  1.   MONDAY, FEB. 1st:  Name Tags DUE/ Boards will be hung

  2.  FRIDAY, FEB. 5th:  Sketchbook assignment DUE :  Draw a picture of someone you love.  Media should be pencil.  Composition should be in your sketchbook.