Week of February 29th-March 4th, 2016

Last week we began work on a new assignment.  

Repetition with Variation

Students were asked to create a series of 9 miniature drawings of an object.  The object was their choice.

The Process of the project is to investigate the object from a series of sides, angles and distances.  The drawing will be a compilation of 9 separate images of that one object.  It will be drawn on a 11” x 11” piece of paper that is evenly separated into 9 equal squares. The goal is to draw the object by designating no more than 5% of the entire piece with white. (Reserve the white for the brightest, brightest, brightest highlights.)  Students will be asked to push the darkest-darks so their object and lights pop out.  They also will need to vary line weight and consider the balance of the piece as a whole.

On Monday, I will be demonstrating how to use the different drawing pencils and how they can change the way you see a drawing.


  1. FRIDAY, MARCH 4th-  Sketchbook Assignment DUE:  Create a composition that expresses Broken or Damaged.

  2. MONDAY, MARCH 7th- "Variation by Repetition"  Drawing DUE