Week of April 11th-15th, 2016

On Friday of last week we started on a new project focusing on Generative Art.  We looked at work by artists, Sol Le Witt, Jason Tarbell, Hans Haacke and more.  The common factor of Generative Art is the methodology of the production, not the style or the end result.  Our methodology is the rolling of dice.  We are utilizing the strength and movement of lines in order to create an interesting composition.  On Monday, we will be finishing up the initial process of drawing the lines and talk about the next step of developing one of the drawings.

The Process of the Generative Art Project:

  1. Everyone will receive a dice.
  2. Everyone will start with 3 18" x 24" pieces of white paper, a marker and a yardstick.
  3. You will roll the dice 10 times.  You will follow the instructions connected with the numbers rolled.
  4. You will create 3 separate compositions, rolling the dice 10 times each.
  5. You will choose one of the pieces to develop further with your choice of drawing medium.
  6. One of the drawings will also be developed into a 3-dimensional wire sculpture.


  1. TUESDAY, APRIL 12th:  Sketchbook Assignment DUE (Draw something that shows your presence in a room, but you are not physically there)

  2. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20th:  Bonanza Sketch DUE (you may show me the sketch PRIOR to the 20th so you can start working on it)

  3. THURSDAY, MAY 19th:  BONANZA DAY!!!!!  Your Bonanza must be turned in this day.  Only exceptions are Big Head Wrestlers and pieces too big to fit into the gym.

  4. SUNDAY, MAY 22nd:  Art Show, 1-4, with Big Head Wrestling matches throughout.