April 19th-April 29th, 2016

Testing has really slowed us down over the past week.  I am hoping to get back on track starting tomorrow.  I will be looking at Bonanza sketches tomorrow.  Bonanza Day is only 30 days away!  

We will continue working on the Generative drawings.  The students are really coming up with very unique solutions on how to complete their drawings.  The drawings should be finished by TUESDAY, APRIL 26th.  We will have a critique and then move onto the sculptural project that is also based on one of the Generative drawings. 


  1. WEDNESDAY, MAY 20th:  Bonanza Sketch DUE
  2. MONDAY, APRIL 25th:  NO SCHOOL for teacher in service (Great time to work on your BONANZA!) 
  3.  APRIL 2oth-22nd :  Working on Generative Drawing
  4. TUESDAY, APRIL 26th:  Generative Drawing DUE
  5. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27th-28th:  Start work on sculptural version of Generative Drawing
  6. FRIDAY, APRIL 29th:  Elderfest
  7. WEDNESDAY, MAY 18th:  Bonanza Drop off in the evening
  8. THURSDAY, MAY 19th:  BONANZA DAY!!  (This is your final exam.  Make sure it is in on time and shows what you can do)
  9. SUNDAY, MAY 22nd:  Art Show 1-4